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The Top Three Trade Shows of 2011

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TSNN’s three biggest, most noteworthy trade shows of 2011. There are many different factors that make up a successful trade show: years of experience and marketing within the industry, a consistently large number of attendees, well-known speakers and exhibitor presentations. However, there are some trade shows that are simply a head above the rest when it comes to success. Recently, the Trade Show News Network (TSNN) released their list of the top 250 trade shows of 2010, ranked by net square footage in the United States. Some noteworthy statistics that … Read More

The A-B-C’s of Trade Show Terms and Definitions

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A glossary of terms you should know before attending a trade show. Whether your company is attending a trade show for the first time, or your business is a seasoned vet with these types of events, it is still important to know the common terminology before attending any type of trade show function. Knowing the difference between an Convention Center and a Pavilion, or a House Contractor versus a General Service Contractor, can save you time and trouble the day of your trade show event. The Convention Industry Council has … Read More

Draw Attendees To Your Booth Through Their 5 Senses

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How to stimulate the body’s five senses & attract attendees to your trade booth. Many companies that are exhibitors at trade shows tend to focus a lot on the look of their display booth: Is the lighting enticing? Do our posters appropriately promote our company? What can we add to catch the attention on our attendees? While all of these are important elements to a successful trade show display, the look of your booth is not the only thing that can draw in potential clients. Targeting all five of a … Read More

Using Infographics During Trade Show Presentations

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How to use infographics to get your message across quickly. When a company participates in a trade show, their goal is typically to promote their products and services while reaching out and connecting with potential customers. However, many of these customers are often so overwhelmed by the trade show’s many presentations and demonstrations that they usually only spend a few minutes at each companies booth. So how do you get your product and business information across to potential customers if you only have a short window of time to capture … Read More

Weathering the Storm – Tips for Exhibiting in Hard Economic Times

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Perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran to the trade show circuit, and it’s not quite what it used to be. Or maybe you’re new to the world of trade shows, and it just doesn’t seem as extravagant and grand as you thought it’d be. The halls are a little less packed, there aren’t as many big sales, and there seems to be a few more empty booths than last time. Does that mean that it’s time to bail out of trade shows? Absolutely not! Despite the changes in the industry impacted … Read More