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The Most Popular Trade Show Promotional Items

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Choosing the most effective, desirable promos for your trade show event. Whenever attendees come to a trade show event, they have a set goal in mind of what they want to accomplish during the show – meet with new companies and key industry figures, learn about different products and services that may benefit their business, and possibly even find a new company to work with in the future. However, no matter how dedicated and focused an attendee may be about meeting new clients and forming new business relationships, there is … Read More


Which Flooring Is Best For Your Trade Show Exhibit?

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Tips for choosing a flooring that best suits your company’s exhibit. There are many different extravagant add-ons and features available to trade show exhibitors that can be added on to exhibits in order to make it both unique and eye-catching to attendees: flashing lights and video screens that light up the room, signs and banners that stretch across your entire exhibit , and even custom scents that are specifically designed to mentally stimulate those around you. While each of these different accessories offer a great way for your company to … Read More


Trade Show Events (Part 2): Thoughts On The Exhibitor 2012 Show

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Our thoughts after returning from the Exhibitor 2012 Trade show. While we here at The Trade Group love sharing new information and resources with our readers about how to improve their trade show experience and increase their return on investments, we also understand that the world of trade shows is constantly evolving and improving in front of us. Every year, the technology and exhibits get better and better, while trade show attendees become harder and harder to impress by the average trade show exhibit. In order to make sure that … Read More