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Hiring A Successful Sales Person For Your Trade Show Booth

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How to choose a sales person who will increase your sales and generate leads. When it comes to trade show events, the goal of every exhibitor and speaker is always the same: connect with potential clients and share the message about your company’s products and services. However, while your objectives and goals may be the same for each trade show exhibit that you attend, the way you deliver and sell your message should change depending on a variety of different factors. For instance, if you are attending a small-scale trade … Read More


Gain More Visitors With A Trade Show Island Exhibit

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The many benefits that an island display can have for your trade show. When you are setting up and designing a exhibit for your next trade show convention,  there are many different types of exhibition set-ups and table displays to chose from. Between simple table tops, multi-sized inline displays and impressive double-decker exhibit, it can be overwhelming trying to choose a design and layout that will work best for your company’s services and needs. Luckily, there are several types of displays and exhibits that can be completely customized to what … Read More


The Most Effective Giveaways For Your Trade Show

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Choose a giveaway for your trade showthat will really reflect your brand. If you’ve ever attended a trade show before, then you just know how many giveaways and swag prizes make their way around the show floor by the end of the day. Whether a company is handing out candy with labeled wrappers or a high-end engraved letter opener, nearly every exhibitor at a trade show has some kind of freebie. One of the biggest reasons many companies continue to offer giveaways at each and every trade show event is … Read More

4 Tips for Successful Trade Show Presentation Slides

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The Do’s and Don’ts of successful PowerPoint Presentation slides. Trade shows are all about connecting with attendees and promoting your company’s products and services. One of the most common ways of doing this is through PowerPoint presentation slides. These quick, simple slides can be a great way to display your message, inform future clients, and act as a visual aid during your trade show presentation. However, while PowerPoint slideshows have become the norm for a majority of trade show presentations, they can easily be cause for a disaster if they … Read More