T4 Fluorescents and Rotating Colors - Accent Lighting

For quite some time, Accent Lighting has been one of the top attention grabbers for exhibits, finally technology has caught up to the need. By design, your Metalli® exhibit already slows traffic, however, with adding splashes of color or washing your display in an array of rotating colors, you can elevate it to literally stop attendees in their tracks. Breathe life into your graphic design and make your exhibit glow by adding Accent Lighting today.

Accent Lighting for Trade Show Exhibits

Features & Benefits

  • Accent Lighting has been proven to attract exhibitors (CEiR)
  • Choose between hundreds colors to find just the right hue
  • Add programming to rotate colors to draw even more attention


Why choose The Trade Group® to help you integrate accent lighting into your exhibit?

If you want your trade show exhibit to stand out in a crowd, don’t forget to include accent lighting in your design. The Trade Group prides itself on offering the latest technology throughout our product lines and accent lighting is no different.

Today, your trade show lighting options include hundreds of colors that can complement your overall exhibit design, along with programs you can use to rotate colors throughout your booth space. The creative services team at The Trade Group can help you design an accent lighting plan that will draw attention to your exhibit and highlight key areas of your trade show display.

We have showrooms in Dallas, San Antonio and Pittsburgh, so stop by one of our four locations today. If it is more convenient, fill out our contact form or call 800-343-2005 for more information.

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