Mezzanine Hardwood - Exhibit Flooring

Mezzanine Hardwood Trade Show Flooring

Stand tall and proud with this 1.5 raised hardwood interlocking floor system. Provides built-in wire management, finished edges and 21 styles.

Features & Benefits

  • Hardwood interlocking flooring
  • Raised 1 1/2 off floor with risers
  • Built-in wire management
  • Hardwood sloped edges and corners
  • Available in 21 finishes, including unfinished MDF
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  • Maple (G1)
  • red oak
  • Red Oak (G1)
  • ash
  • Ash (G1)
  • oak granada
  • Oak Granada (G1)
  • Oak Lexington
  • Oak Lexington (G1)
  • Oak San Jose
  • Oak San Jose (G1)
  • Oak Monte Carlo
  • Oak Monte Carlo (G1)
  • Red Oak Monte Carlo
  • Red Oak Monte Carlo (G1)
  • Red Oak New York
  • Red Oak New York (G1)
  • Walnut
  • Walnut (G2)
  • American Cherry
  • American Cherry (G2)
  • Maple Cambridge
  • Maple Cambridge (G2)
  • Jana Stockholm
  • Janah Stockholm (G2)
  • Maple Stockholm
  • Maple Stockholm (G2)
  • Merbau Stockholm
  • Merbau Stockholm (G2)
  • MDF
  • MDF


Why choose The Trade Group® for trade show flooring?

If you’re looking for a high-end trade show flooring solution, The Trade Group delivers with the Mezzanine Hardwood Flooring system. Enhance and complement the beauty of your trade show exhibit design with one of more than 20 available finishes.

The Mezzanine hardwood interlocking flooring system comes with safety and function in mind, too. Raised 1 ½” off the ground with built-in wire management and sloped edges – Mezzanine flooring not only looks great, it is designed to help prevent tripping and conceal cords and wiring.

At The Trade Group, we know that trade show flooring can make or break the overall appearance and functionality of a trade show exhibit. That’s why we work closely with our clients to choose the trade show flooring products that complement their exhibit designs and address functional requirements.

We have been a trusted resource to 40,000+ trade show exhibitors for more than 25 years. You can count on us to provide state-of-the-art products, services and solutions for all of your trade show exhibiting needs.

To learn more about The Trade Group’s wide array of trade show flooring styles, colors, finishes and sizes, or our full line of trade show products and services peruse our website or contact a representative at 800-343-2005. You can also visit one of our four showroom locations in Dallas, San Antonio or Pittsburgh, or reach out to us via our contact form.

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