Peninsula Counters - Exhibit Accessories

Metalli® peninsula counters blend seamlessly into a spectrum of booth styles. They attach to our standard Metalli® posts and provide perfect demo stations or interactive kiosks. Standard finishes include black, white or light maple laminate, but can easily be customized. Several of these counters can also work as standalone kiosks

Peninsula Counters

Features & Benefits

  • Accent Lighting has been proven to attract exhibitors (CEiR)
  • Choose between hundreds colors to find just the right hue
  • Add programming to rotate colors to draw even more attention

Why choose The Trade Group® for exhibit accessories?

Like reception counters, Metalli peninsula counters serve multiple purposes in Metalli trade show displays, such as extra storage space and a location to greet guests. Peninsula counters attach to the trade show display versus the free-standing style of reception counters. For this reason, this style of counter works great for interactive product displays and demos or information kiosks that require a concealed electrical hook-up.

If you are kicking off a Metalli trade show display design plan, consider including a peninsula counter or two in your exhibit floor plan. We offer 13 counter designs and a variety of standard and custom finishes developed specifically for Metalli displays.

Choosing quality accessories that enhance the look and function of your trade show display should be an integral part of your exhibit design plan. At The Trade Group we offer a wide range of accessories designed specifically to complement the Metalli series of trade show displays.

So if you currently own a Metalli display or are looking to purchase or rent an exhibit from the Metalli line, picking the right accessories is easy. If you need help choosing a trade show exhibit or accessories, we’re here to help.

To see our trade show displays and accessories in person, stop by one of The Trade Group’s four showrooms in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio or Pittsburgh. You can also send a message to us via our online contact form or call us at 800-343-2005 for more information.

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