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TTG offers modular shelving options to meet your every need. From small, feature shelving to large spans capable of supporting heavy products, we have it. Since it’s modular, it can be added and removed at any time without permanent marks.

Why choose The Trade Group® when selecting your trade show shelving?

Metalli modular shelving units were designed to complement Metalli trade show displays and are available in a variety of configurations. Whether you need to display your latest products (large or small) or need a focal point to showcase marketing pieces, Metalli shelving delivers. Since the system is modular, these shelving units can be added or removed at a moments notice.

In addition, exhibitors can enhance Metalli shelves with custom graphics that integrate seamlessly with design elements in their Metalli trade show displays. Accent lighting provides the perfect finishing touch for these functional shelving units.

Choosing quality accessories that enhance the look and function of your trade show display should be an integral part of your exhibit design plan. At The Trade Group we offer a wide range of accessories designed specifically to complement the Metalli series of trade show displays.

So if you currently own a Metalli display or are looking to purchase or rent an exhibit from the Metalli line, picking the right accessories is easy. If you need help choosing a trade show exhibit or accessories, we’re here to help.

To see our trade show displays and accessories in person, stop by one of The Trade Group’s four showrooms in Dallas, San Antonio or Pittsburgh. You can also send a message to us via our online contact form or call us at 800-343-2005 for more information.

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