Trade Show Case Studies

Possibilities are endless with our ability to design a custom environment that reflects your company’s brand and personality. Whether we provide a solution for your exhibit with a simple tabletop or create a double deck exhibit system, we can design, build and install the entire project.

Exibitor 2014

Client: The Trade Group®
Exhibit Type: 10×20, Torre™ Metalli® exhibit
Industry: Trade Show Exhibit and Exhibit Services
Integrated Marketing Challenge: The Trade Group needed to develop an engaging integrated marketing campaign that would achieve two broad goals at the exhibition industry’s largest trade show, EXHIBITOR2014 – to drive traffic to The Trade Group’s exhibit and build awareness about the company’s product and service offerings.

Integrated Marketing Solutions: Key Messaging and Creative Concept To achieve the pre-established goals, The Trade Group focused on the messaging and creative concept first. Based on past results at this show (and others), current industry trends and revenue goals, the executive and marketing teams established clear and measurable results to achieve at EXHIBITOR2014.

G6 Hospitality

Client: G6 Hospitality
Exhibit Type: 20×20 Metalli® Custom
Industry: Hospitality
Challenge: G6 Hospitality (G6) asked The Trade Group to design a trade show exhibit featuring its higher-end, extended stay hotel brand, Studio 6. G6, which also supports the Motel 6 brand, was looking for a fresh, contemporary, exhibit design with a sleek, minimal, edgy and modern feel. The design also needed to highlight the new look and features of the Studio 6 rooms, which feature a studio-style floor plan, living areas and fully furnished kitchens.

Design Solutions: Since G6 was looking for a modern design aesthetic, we were able to use the structural support of square metal extrusions as a design feature. The extrusions also helped to support and create the appearance of a hanging sign – so that part of the design plan didn’t need to be abandoned.

Exhibit Products & Services: Exhibit and graphic design, fabric panel design, custom Metalli exhibit structure, signage, accent lighting, photography, turnkey exhibit management.

Children’s Medical Center

Client: Children’s Medical Center: 10×20 Metalli Inline with 10×10 reconfiguration
Industry: Medical
Challenge: With a goal to look “head and shoulders” above other exhibiting medical facilities, Children’s Medical Center approached The Trade Group to design a unique and compelling exhibit that would stand out against the crowd of portable displays.
Solutions: A bold and vibrant 10×20 Metalli exhibit was designed. A dark wood-toned top soffit integrating soft down-lighting washes the back-wall, creating a feel of strength and trust to appeal to the professional attendee.

Storage needs were met by placing one large and one small reception counter at either end of the exhibit.


Client: Twitch: 50×50 Custom Island – Pax East 2013
Industry: Gaming
Challenge: Twitch TV approached The Trade Group with a challenge to design a 50×50 exhibit representing who they are and what they do for PAX 2013. PAX is a gaming show where exhibits normally pull their design from the art and aesthetics of the game they showcase.
Design Solutions: : We felt there was only one way to accurately demonstrate who Twitch is; to show live streams in action and deliver the experience of PAX to over 1,000,000 viewers live online.

White and purple, Twitch’s corporate colors provided a unique visual in a show that is dominated by blacks and dark colors. To say the exhibit was the most identifiable exhibit on the floor would be an understatement and the reaction to this architectural statement piece was amazing.

Warner Bros.

Client: Warner Bros. – 50×50 Island at Pax East 2013
Industry: Gaming
Challenge:Warner Bros. offers a large and varied catalog of gaming titles. While this is a benefit for WB it could make for a very chaotic visual on the show floor when attempting to incorporate all the titles into one space.
Design Solutions: : Our initial concept was to unify the exhibit artwork, primarily featuring graphic content from the games, by applying a common border treatment. However, the client felt that this might sacrifice the visual of each game being unique.

FireFall by Red5

Client: Red5
Industry: Gaming
Challenge: Due to strict European regulations, any video game content depicting violence is restricted from viewing for those show guests under the age of 13. The Trade Group was challenged to create an exhibit design allowing those old enough to play the access to a rich interactive gaming experience while those under 13 are able to still enjoy learning about the game and it’s characters.
Solutions: Custom 72’ x 79’ exhibit that measured 26′ tall. The domed two-story structure featured custom lighting and video projection. Included 40 workstations and several monitors ranging from 36” touch screens to a trio of 65” screens to create an expansive video wall.
Exhibit Products & Services: Exhibit and graphic design, custom exhibit structure, international exhibit fabrication, interactive audio-visual technology solutions, multi-game player kiosks, turn-key exhibit management.


Client: HealthMedX
Industry: Healthcare
Challenge: HealthMedX required an integrated exhibit solution for multiple spaces and event types.
Solutions: 20×30 Islands, Fleet of 10×10, Table Top and Banner Stand Displays
Exhibit Products & Services: Metalli® Structure, Creative Design, Graphic Production & Exhibit Management

HealthMedX was seeking a new exhibit house to provide a 20×30 island solution for their upcoming Global Aging Conference. They wanted an exhibit that reflected their marketing vision while still incorporating the functional aspects they needed in their space.

New Orleans Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau

Client: New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau
Industry: Tourism
Challenge: New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau asked The Trade Group to create a space that says “New Orleans is better than ever” following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.
Solutions: 20×20 Island reconfiguring to 10×30, 10×20 and 10×10 inlines. Powder coated aluminum with custom details to create a New Orleans environment.
Exhibit Products & Services: Metalli® Custom Structure, Creative Design, Graphic Production & Exhibit Management

The New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau exhibit was designed to say “We’re still here and better than ever!” The Trade Group® team was thrilled to work with the renown elements such as lamp posts, street signs and latticework to recreate “The Big Easy”.

USAA “Commitment to Green”

Client: USAA
Industry: Internal Awareness Campaign
Challenge: USAA has a strong internal green initiative and wanted to create employee awareness through a series of eye-catching displays that were also eco-friendly.
Solutions: Lightweight Metalli Compatto structure that is recycled as well as recyclable. Large impact graphics utilize recycled PVC and recycled paper. Each exhibit incorporates LED lighting meaning less energy used.
Exhibit Products & Services: Metalli® Compatto Structure with additional custom components, Creative Design, Graphic Production and Installation Services.

This USAA sustainability project involved a series of earth-friendly displays to promote the USAA “Commitment to Green” initiative. The series includes four themes: Earth, Air, Water and Energy. (The Earth theme is shown here).


Client: Tik-a-Tock
Industry: Education
Challenge: Tik-a Tock required a fun and child-friendly interactive kiosk to be placed in retail stores to allow young kids to create their own books, all while incorporating the Tic-a-Tock brand.
Solutions: A custom kiosk solution designed as an oversized open book, complete with backlighting to mimic the book pages. Large built-in touch-screen stations allow the children to easily design their book. The remaining portion of the kiosk provides product samples and book examples emphasizing the brand.
Exhibit Products & Services: Custom Structure, Backlighting, Graphic Design & Production and Touch-screen Technology.

Tik-a-Tok allows kids to not just read books but actually create books. This interactive kiosk enables them
to craft their story, add their pictures to create their tale and have it printed into a high quality hard cover
book to share with family and friends.

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