eco friendly trade show display

Green and Eco Friendly Trade Show Displays

Commitment to Green for USAA

This USAA sustainability project involved a series of earth-friendly displays to promote the USAA “Commitment to Green” initiative. The series includes four themes: Earth, Air, Water and Energy. (The Earth theme is shown here). The graphic mural designs, created by the The Trade Group design team, were thoughtfully laid out to provide a large amount of green and sustainability information. The structure utilizes The Trade Group`s original compact modular kit, Compatto, from our Metalli® line as a foundation. However, some custom details were added: Graphic background fins, rounded corners on the removable graphics and most importantly, the use of green products.

  • Graphic substrate is made from recycled PVC called “Komatex”
  • Murals are printed on recycled paper
  • Aluminum is 100% recyclable and manufactured from 60% recycled content
  • LED lighting can reduce energy usage up to 90%
  • Lightweight, reconfigurable construction reduces waste and the
    environmental impact of shipping
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