Management Team

Trade Show Experts

Chris Stone, President
Chris Stone, along with Sue Stephens, founded The Trade Group in 1986. With 30 years of industry experience under his belt, Chris is an expert and leader in the trade show exhibit world.As President, Chris oversees all sales and operations, financial responsibilities and strategic planning. Since The Trade Group remains a privately owned and operated business, Chris takes immense pride in the quality of the work that the team produces.

For the first 15 years, The Trade Group was one of the top ranked distributors for one of the world’s largest display manufacturing companies. After merging with Nomadic Display-Dallas in 2000, they became an independent exhibit manufacturer. Chris attributes much of the company’s success to its team’s innovative style and creativity, which truly sets them apart from the competition.

Favorite exhibit: “Red 5’s FireFall is the single most significant exhibit that we have ever done…so from a grandness scale, so to speak, it’s been our biggest and best project yet.”

Chris can be found in the Dallas office.

Malcolm Gilvar, Executive Vice President of Sales
Malcolm Gilvar founded Nomadic Display-Dallas in 1987, which merged with TTG in 2000. He brings his 29 years experience in the trade show industry to the company.As Executive Vice President of Sales, Malcolm manages a team of 22 sales representatives in San Antonio, Pittsburgh, Florida and Oklahoma.

In addition to Malcolm’s management duties he is active in making The Trade Group an industry “thought leader”. Malcolm has done dozens of webinars, whitepapers, and has appeared in many publications where exhibit and event expertise is needed.

Favorite exhibit: “I love our Fascia exhibit. It has really great graphic space for branding, but it has the backlighting features which allow it to have a subtle glow.”

Malcolm works in the Dallas office.

David Stone, Executive Vice President of Operations
David Stone has been with The Trade Group since 1990. He provides overall direction and guidance to the operational areas of the company including manufacturing, rental, exhibit services, facilities management, and IT.Over the years, he has performed and managed a wide variety of duties including graphics manufacturing, installation and dismantling, engineering, programming, and inventory control. He especially enjoys working with TTG’s team of dedicated professionals, helping them find creative and unique solutions to enable client success.

Favorite Exhibit: “The next one.”

Mike Graziani, Vice President of Design
Mike Graziani has been with TTG since 1997. He has had the unique opportunity to grow with the company, and now manages one of the most comprehensive design departments and talented creative teams in the trade show industry.As Vice President of Design, Mike oversees all activities of the design department, helping shape the creative direction of all graphic and structural projects. He strategizes with his team on new product development, covering the entire spectrum of TTG’s displays.

Favorite Exhibit: “My favorite exhibits are the ones that provide an immersive experience for the visitor and really drive home the brand.”

Mike works out of the Pittsburgh office.

Guy DiMarco, Client Services Manager
Guy DiMarco has been with TTG since 1993. His 20 years of experience in the industry has made him adept at handling tight deadlines and short lead-time.As Client Services Manager, Guy oversees the team of Account Managers. He and his team process all orders as well as handle the administrative side of the Exhibit Management Program, a program that facilitates the storage and management of client exhibit assets. According to Guy, the quality of his team and the level of customer service given to each client are what truly set TTG apart from all other exhibit houses.

Favorite exhibit: “Nichello—it’s a very good design, simple and clean.”

Guy works in the Dallas office.

Allen Sheehan, Project Manager – Engineering
Allen Sheehan has been with TTG since 1989. With 22 years in the industry, Allen has seen his clients’ trade show exhibit dreams become reality time and time again.As Project Manager, Allen manages the team of engineers who provide project estimates, complete AutoCAD fabrication drawings, order materials and create prototypes and kits for the exhibits. Most importantly, the team ensures that all booths are structurally sound and safe to use. He drives his team to help create beautiful displays regardless of timeframe or complexity.

Favorite exhibit: “Right now the Fascia display. It consumed a large part of my summer just to get it done. It’s great and it’s also one of our newest projects.”

Allen works in TTG’s Dallas office.

Mike Latva, Custom Fabrication Manager
Mike Latva has been with TTG since early 1990. With 25 years of experience in the industry, he can affirm that TTG is the best in the business.As the Custom Fabrication Manager, Mike oversees the custom department and ensures all exhibits are built according to specification. His extensive experience and knowledge of custom fabrication, models, prototypes and graphics have contributed vastly to customer satisfaction and TTG’s success.

Favorite exhibit: “In my opinion, Azteca Milling is probably the best looking booth that we have ever done.”

Mike can be found in the Dallas office.

Wallace Stone, General Manager
Wallace Stone has been with TTG since the early 1990s. After retiring from a 20 year career with IBM after which he was President of Great Spring Waters of America, a Division of Pepsico.As General Manager, Wallace handles the legal and financial side of the business. Wallace believes that employee dedication is a key factor to providing top of the line exhibits and designs for customers, and that Trade Group’s employees are some of the most dedicated he has had the pleasure to work with.

Favorite exhibit: “There are so many, we just keep surpassing the best ones. The Red 5 FireFall is one of the most recent booths that I really like.”

Wallace works in TTG’s Dallas office.

Krista Short, Marketing Manager
Krista Short came to TTG in 2003. After nine years, Krista has become one of the leading corporate marketing managers in the trade show industry.As Marketing Manager, Krista handles all of TTG’s corporate marketing by promoting the company through its website, emails, presentations, sales tools and public events. Krista knows that TTG provides not only products and services related to a trade show exhibit, but also whatever is necessary to ensure that a client finds success at the trade show. When not working on marketing campaigns, Krista enjoys helping provide key insight and input on dynamic exhibits.

Favorite Exhibit in the Showroom: “It’s so hard to pick a favorite. I have to say I love all of the double decks we’ve produced. How efficient to go up instead of out.”

Krista works in the San Antonio office.

Jeff Burns, Operations Manager
Jeff Burns has been with TTG since 2004. His eight years in the industry have enabled him to move up into a key position.As Operations Manager, Jeff actively oversees the Exhibit Management Program. He drives team production in graphics, rental exhibits, shipping, and warehouse management. Jeff ensures that the general business operations in each department run efficiently and meet customer expectations and requirements.

Favorite Exhibit: “Our Fascia exhibit. The surfaces allow for large scale graphics and clean white space.”

Jeff can be found in TTG’s Dallas office.

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