Non-Retractable Banner Stands

Non-Retractable Banner Stands

Non-Retractable Banner Stands

Non-retractable banner stands are a cost-effective option for those who would like to change graphics on the fly. Perfect for those with multiple messages or products to display, these banner stands are still portable and simple to set up. Simply remove the graphic and replace it with an updated one or keep multiple graphics on hand for its many uses.

Features & Benefits

Sycamore 31

  • Tri-pod legs add stability
  • Telescoping pole adjusts height
  • Lightweight at only 4 lbs


  • Non-retractable
  • Single or double sided
    with additional trim strips
  • Nylon bag included
Sequoia 35

  • Reverse foot for stability
  • Clamp-style header/kicker – replace graphics quickly
  • 3 part connected pole


  • Non-retractable
  • Single sided
  • Nylon bag included
Live Area Total Area Bleed Nav# Shipping
Sycamore 31 31.5″w x 80″h 31.5″w x 80″h none 11412 5″x5″x40″8lb
Sequoia35 35.5″w x 84″h 35.5″w x 84″h Top .5″,Bottom .5″ 11414 5″x5″x40″ 9lb

Why choose The Trade Group® when selecting your next Banner Stand?

The non-retractable banner stand series is a great choice if you need to change your messaging at a moments notice. Lightweight and portable, this series of banner stands is a terrific option for those events where you need to set up and take down your trade show display quickly. They work great for sales presentations, at conventions and in showrooms. The non-retractable banner stands also feature a slender profile, which can be convenient when space is tight.

The Trade Group offers a wide range of diverse products to appeal to our variety of customers. Each banner stand or trade show display you choose can be customized with your corporate colors, logo and other branding through the assistance of our creative services team.

Our company has showroom locations in Dallas, San Antonio and Pittsburgh, and has been in the trade show business for more than 25 years. To get a leg up on your competitors, visit the Trade Group showroom location that’s closest to you, fill out our contact form, or call 800-343-2005 for more information.

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