Metalli Expansions Kits

Trade Show Pop-up Expansion Kits

The Metalli® Expansion designs transform your pop-up into a dynamic exhibit system. They offer a compact, stylish package with no modifications necessary to your existing hardware. These expansion components, combined with your existing pop-up, give you a visually striking, yet functional exhibit. Each design allows you to mount LCD monitors for multi-media presentations. The graphic areas allow you to expand your branding messaging to complete your 20′ inline exhibit.

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Why choose The Trade Group® for a Metalli® trade show expansion kit?

With over 25 years of dedicated trade show services and over 40,000 state-of-the-art trade show exhibits delivered all over the world, The Trade Group® continues to be the premier trade show service provider.

Complete with customized exhibits, design, rentals, accessories and more, we provide everything you will need in order to stand out from your competitors and deliver unique trade show exhibits resulting in higher return on your investment.

We have been providing quality trade show exhibit services since 1986 with several convenient locations in Dallas, Pittsburgh and San Antonio. For more information on Metalli® expansions or questions you may have about our products and services, feel free to call 800-343-2005 or fill out the contact us form today.

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