Metalli Expansion A-Exhibit Display

The Metalli® Expansion designs transform your pop-up
into a dynamic exhibit system. They offer a compact
stylish package with no modifications necessary to
your existing hardware. These expansion
components, combined with your existing pop-up,
give you a visually striking, yet functional exhibit.
Each design allows you to mount LCD monitors for
multimedia presentations. The graphic areas allow
you to expand your branding messaging to complete
your 20′ inline exhibit.

Metalli Expansion A Exhibit Designs

Features & Benefits

  • Available for rental as well as purchase
  • Transform your existing 10’ pop-up to a true 10×20 exhibit
  • Lightweight aluminum-based expansion system
  • Custom details such as acrylic accents & perforated metal counter bases


Why choose The Trade Group® for a Metalli® trade show expansion kit?

Metalli® Expansion Kits offer trade show exhibitors three customizable designs, A, B and C, so your options are endless if you would like to modify a current pop-up display. The lightweight, aluminum-based Metalli® design systems allow you to expand a 10’ pop-up trade show display into a full-fledged 10’ x 20’ trade show exhibit with ease.

Metalli® Expansion Kits are also a great option for exhibitors who are looking for a temporary solution, since no hardware modifications are required, and The Trade Group offers both purchase and rental solutions.

If you’re looking for another reason to talk with The Trade Group regarding your trade show exhibit needs, listen to what our satisfied customers have to say.

Paul Zaidins, a CEO who is based in Dallas, Atlanta and Denver, shared the following testimonial about his experience with The Trade Group.

“On behalf of our entire team, I’d like to thank the folks at The Trade Group for their guidance, steadfast determination and creative design with our booth. We were awarded the Brass Ring for Best Exhibit at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2011 in Orlando. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Come see our exhibits in person at one of our four showroom locations. While you’re here, feel free to ask us about our creative services, exhibits available for rental and our accessories.

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