Metalli Cobalto Exhibit

Striking graphic presence matched only by its flexibility to accommodate up to ten kiosks in the island configuration, the
Cobalto™ is perfect for the demo-centric exhibitor. Inline configurations display colorful backlighting and the island’s large towers are sure to catch the eye.

Metalli Cobalto Exhibit Designs


  • Lightweight, aluminum-based system
  • Scalable 10×10, 10×20 and 20×20 configurations
  • All configurations are available for rental as well as purchase
  • Customizable with counters, graphics and lighting


Why choose The Trade Group® for a Metalli® trade show exhibit?

If your organization utilizes multiple stations or kiosks, the Cobalto trade show display from Metalli is an excellent option. Scalable in three configurations, the Cobalto display will accommodate up to 10 kiosks for interactive displays or demonstrations.

Like other displays in the Metalli series, Cobalto can be customized with an array of counters, custom graphics and trade show lighting features. Large, striking, graphics and colorful backlighting options distinguish the Metalli exhibit from its contemporaries.

Whether a custom exhibit is in your sites or you would rather choose an existing design, Metalli modular trade show displays deliver. Designed with flexibility in mind, Metalli displays offer the options you need along with state-of-the-art designs that will grab attention on the trade show floor.

Exhibitors also have both rental and purchase options available with the Metalli line. So regardless of your needs – whether short- or long-term – we have you covered. For more than 25 years, The Trade Group has provided trade show products and services to 40,000+ trade show exhibitors across the globe.

For more information about The Trade Group’s Metalli line of modular trade show displays or our other trade show exhibits, products and services visit our website. You can also contact a representative at 800-343-2005, stop by one of our four showroom locations in Dallas, San Antonio or Pittsburgh, or reach out to us via our contact form.

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