How To Obtain And Use Customer Feedback

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trade show surveyCustomer feedback is critical in ensuring that your business is successful. When used correctly, the feedback will connect your business with the wants, needs, ideas and criticism of your customers. This is a great way to make improvements to your business and to create a loyal customer base. Consider your exhibit event a prime time to receive feedback. The information gained from the attendees that come to the booth can provide knowledge of whether the booth is a success. Did your message come across in a positive way? What are the customer observations of the booth? What suggestions for improvements did the attendees have? The answers to these questions can be obtained in a few simple ways.

How To Use Trade Show Surveys and Questionnaires

There are many different techniques that can be used to obtain customer feedback from your exhibit. One of the most popular methods is the use of comment cards. A simple survey form or questionnaire can be given to the attendees asking questions of your choosing. The questions can be multiple choice or a rating from one to five about different aspects of the exhibit. The attendees can rate the design, the staff, and the information provided as well as the overall experience they had while visiting the booth. Handwritten comment cards are one way to gather this information, using newer technology is also an option, and it is faster and easier to collate and distribute.

Using computers to gather customer feedback is easy and effective. Simply have a computer at the exhibit where attendees can fill out a simple questionnaire online before exiting the booth. They can rate the same elements that would be answered on a handwritten comment card. With a simple form online, containing about 5 questions, the attendees will appreciate the simplicity and how little time it takes to offer feedback. As an incentive, for either handwritten comment cards or the computer form, the business can offer the attendees a gift card. A gift card is a great way to show gratitude to your attendees. It is key to show appreciation for the time that they invested and the fact that they could possibly become a client. When a company shows their customers and potential customers that the little things are noticed and appreciated, a sense of loyalty from the customers will begin to develop. Once you have gathered the information and rewarded the individuals who responded, the step of dealing with the information is next.

Once all of the information is gathered from whichever method you chose to use, it needs to be put into a form that makes sense and is useful. If there were complaints, you will want to deal with them right away. If you are able to contact the individuals that complained, make sure to do so and offer a resolution that will make them satisfied with your services or product and happy with your company. A few bad comments can cause a great deal of damage. It only takes one vocal dissatisfied person to turn the minds of many individuals against you. The information gathered can be integrated into a graph, chart, excel spreadsheet or any other form you desire and which can be shared with the creators of the exhibit, business owners or whoever will benefit from seeing the results. Make sure that however the information gathered and used, that the information is used in a manner that will benefit the company.

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