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Tomorrow's Exhibits Today

Tomorrow’s Exhibits Today

Cutting-edge exhibit design and fabrication trends are often seen in Europe as much as two to three years before hitting the shores of the US. The Trade Group team experienced these trends first-hand at EuroShop – Europe’s largest retail trade fair – and we’re passing along everything we’ve learned to you.

All New 30-Minute Booth Staffing Webinar

All New 30-Minute Booth Staffing Webinar

Face to Face interaction is the #1 reason why buyers choose to attend trade shows. Learn how you and your exhibit staff can make lasting impressions that result in SALES. You’ll learn how to overcome common complaints in this short, 30-minute session.

Tips for a Greener Exhibit Program

Tips for a Greener Exhibit Program

Whether your company has a formal Green Initiative, you feel eco-friendly practices will enhance your brand image, or if you simply have a personal interest in creating a smaller carbon footprint, your exhibit program is a great place to start Being Green.

Global Exhibiting

Global Exhibiting

No matter your experience level, international trade shows can be a confusing and daunting task for most. This webcast will go step by step through the process to help you feel more comfortable and confident when exhibiting overseas.

The Trade Group - Trade Show Booth

The Trade Group Booth Enhancement Webinar

Making an impact on the trade show floor requires strategic thinking and execution. By utilizing the many tools available, you can ensure your prospects and clients remember you long after the show has closed.
This webinar will show you how to take your existing exhibit to another level using enhancements such as exhibit expansions, dynamic lighting, custom flooring, fabric, double deck structures and more that will increase functionality, presence, and impact.

Trade Shows - Trade Show Marketing

Digital PR for Trade Shows

Marketing your presence at trade shows and events now requires a solid understanding of social media marketing and digital PR. Event Marketers must have a firm grasp on the digital tools that will increase the number of qualified visitors to the booth — resulting in increased ROI. What happens before and after the event is just as important as what happens during show hours and by harnessing the power of social media, you’re sure to be remembered long after the show has closed.

Exhibit Design - Exhibit Booth Design

Inline Exhibit Design Webinar

An expert in inline design in exhibit spaces takes you through the basics of trade show exhibit design. Find out what your exhibit needs to be saying to every viewer, and the four elements that will stop traffic at your next trade show display.

Expo Booth Ideas - Trade Show Ideas

Trade Show Giveaways

Promotional products can be an inexpensive way to improve your trade show program if they are approached strategically. This webinar will illustrate the opportunity for a great return using ad specialties and will provide dozens of ideas that can be implemented easily.

Custom Exhibits - Exhibit Builders

Redefining Custom Exhibits

Custom Exhibits have always been considered the pinnacle of trade show design. In this webinar, we illustrate this transformation and share with you what this could mean for you in terms of your bottom line.

 Trade Show Marketing - Trade Shows

Strategic Marketing For Trade Shows

Shaking lots of hands indiscriminately does little to drive profits. Often the intent of a trade show is lost in the execution of the details. The bottom line is results. A measurable return on your investment should always be expected. Our strategic marketing group is here to help you focus on your objectives and drive targeted traffic to your booth.

Trade Show Displays - Trade Show Exhibit

Motion Graphics Trade Show Displays

No longer does your message need to be condensed to just a few words on a printed mural. By taking advantage of affordable, large format monitors and motion graphic driven content, you can tell the whole story and promote your product to the fullest.