Is Inventory Sexy? Trade Show Displays Demand It

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Step inside The Trade Group’s warehouse. It’s not dark but not blaringly bright, has concrete floors and rows and rows of shelves packed with crates and sheets of this and that. A forklift sits in the corner. Next door is the manufacturing center. There’s pounding, sawing and the faint sound of engineering-speak.

Meanwhile, across town there’s a company, a multi-national corporation, focused on product development, sales, marketing and more. It’s time for their annual trade show–the industry’s largest. They’re in a panicked state to finish their trade show displays, while preparing for a series of regional trade fairs stretching from Los Angeles to Orlando, Fla.

The pressure is on.

This is the scenario for virtually every client served by The Trade Group. Whether the client has offices from here to London, or is a small accounting firm in Topeka, Ks., the needs are the same. It’s “yesterday” deadlines, images that need to be designed, developed and perfect. Oh yeah, and there’s the trade show display . That means crates, structures, connectors, nuts and bolts, Velcro, lighting, light bulbs, extension cords and the graphics that must be precise and ready to snap on. Did we mention tons of details?

So while the client is sweating the travel details and setting up at-show, at-booth client meetings, there is no sweat or sleepless nights for the client. They know a booth-less presence will never happen.

Back up a bit. We’re back to The Trade Group’s warehouse and the stacks of inventory. These are all the trade show booth center for clients. Stored neatly, packaged for “ready to ship,” and thoroughly tested before the booth hits the road. In fact, for every booth that leaves our site, it is assembled and re-assembled as a quality test.

Inventory management is imperative for companies seeking a seamless, streamlined experience for their trade show displays—and a successful show. There’s nothing worse than a couple of sales guys trying to construct a booth when a top header is missing, or lights are assembled but the bulbs are busted. And the exhibit floor opens in 30 minutes.

The Value of Inventory Management—Storing Your Booth With Us

No Worries. Rest easy. We deliver A to Z, with all details taken care of. Exhibit management makes it happen.

No Closet. Ever tried to find all the pieces of a booth that’s been stuffed in a closet near the marketing department. Scary.

Quality Control. We examine the booth, build it in house, make sure everything works and place graphics where they should go before the show, then repackage and ship. Could it be any easier?

Added Management. Rest even better when you complement our inventory control with other exhibitor services, from creative services to strategic marketing.

Cost. We’ll show you the value. It breaks down into real dollars and sense.

Why sweat it when you can be skipping down the hall in merriment and joy? OK, we exaggerate. But we’ll guarantee you won’t sweat. You’ll have a smile on your face.

And yes, we find inventory a bit sexy.

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