Light It Up: Should You Add Accent Lighting To Your Exhibit?

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Help attendees see the shining benefits of your company with accent lighting.

Whenever you are thinking of exhibiting at a trade show event, one of your most important tasks of the entire show is finding a way to showcase your products and services in a way that will attract attendees and get you noticed by potential clients. For some people, this may be achieved by purchasing a high-tech trade show exhibit, complete with slide show presentations, loud music and attractive giveaways. For others, the key to attracting trade show attendees may lie in an exciting game or promotional offer.

Whichever type of method you choose to use at your trade show, one thing is for sure―there is no shortage of gadgets and gizmos that are designed to attract the attention of potential clients walking past an exhibit. However, even if you have an exhibit that can be seen and heard from across the trade show floor, it will do no good unless attendees can see what you are selling.

It is no secret that one of the best ways to truly showcase your products and services is to get them out in front of the eyes of your potential clients. One of the best ways to do this in a trade show setting is through accent lighting.

The lighting of your trade show exhibit can help to enhance your display and attract attention to your products. This is because lighting has a significant effect on the way in which we visually process an object, from the way we feel about it to whether or not we find it appealing. Therefore, hiding your best selling products in the corner of your exhibit may cause attendees to walk right past your booth without a second glace. Adding accent lighting, however, will produce a strong interest and excitement in those in attendance.

Here are just a few more ways in which adding accent lighting to your trade show exhibit can have a beneficial effect on your overall trade show experience:

Showcase Your Featured Products

One of the best features of accent lighting is the fact that you can highlight different featured areas throughout your exhibit in order to make it more visible to the customer. For instance, if your company has one product that is your highest seller and would truly benefit many trade show attendees, you could use a spotlight or an overhead light in order to set it apart from the rest of your products.

Customize Lighting For Your Display

Like with many other trade show accessories, your accent lighting can be completely customized and enhanced to work specifically with certain displays. For instance, some trade show lights are specifically designed to work best with high resolution pop-up exhibits or hanging banners. Others may be more beneficial for illuminating your graphics and products so that they are clearly visible to attendees.

Attract The Attention of Attendees

Tradeshow lighting also offers a great way to expand your business and let attendees know what you are all about as a company. For instance, you could choose lighting that goes along with your brand image, such as theme colors or lighting that creates a particular ambience. You could also add programming to your lighting in order to rotate colors and draw even more attention from those in the crowd.

No matter what type of lighting you choose to bring into your trade show exhibit, you can ensure that, by following these three simple steps, you are enhancing your presence at the trade show and are creating a successful event for you and your company.

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