Make The Sale: Tips For Up-selling Your Products At Trade Shows

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How to increase your sales and ROI at trade show events.

When it comes to buying and selling, there are many different sales tactics that are utilized on a regular basis in our day-to-day lives―advertisements on TV, radio ads playing in our cars, billboards and posters on the side of our roads, and hundreds upon hundreds of more subtle, well-executed advertisements that catch our eyes from the moment we wake up to the time when we finally close our eyes at the end of the night.

A good sales technique is one that isn’t obvious; A catchy jingle that makes you remember the name of a company, or a one-time-only sale at your favorite store. However, the one type of sales technique that is the most beneficial and productive for your company is the one that gets clients to purchase multiple amounts of products and services. Luckily, as long as you use well-practiced up-selling techniques at your next trade show event, this goal will not be too far off for your business.

Up-selling is basically a soft approach to helping your clients and contacts enjoy a greater value from your products and services, while at the same time increasing the dollar amount that they spend with each individual purchase. By up-selling a potential service or sale, you can bring in thousands of dollars in additional revenue for your company.

Think about it―if just 50% of your trade show clients purchased one additional product or service from your exhibit, what would the impact look like on your overall revenues? Let’s just say that it would be a significantly higher amount of money earned.

Luckily, there are several techniques that you can apply to your next trade show event in order to up-sell your products and benefit your clients with a greater purchase. Here are our tips for increasing your sales and ROI at trade show events through the art of up-selling:

1. Talk With Customers

In order to determine whether or not an attendee would be open to an up-sell, you first have to gain an understanding of their needs and interests. Talk to the customer in order to find out what he or she likes, and what exactly they are looking for from your business. You want to make sure that any product or service suggestion that you make is in the customer’s best interest.

2. Know Your Products

The key to a successful up-sell is knowing the ins and outs of your products. Only then will you be able to match certain complementary products and services to those that will best suit the customer’s needs, and will be able to recommend another product that would work alongside their first purchase.

3. Observe

Watch attendees to see what products catch their eye and what items they pick up around your exhibit. If they look as though they are curious about a product other than the one they initially purchased, ask if they have used it before. If not, do a quick review of the advantages of the product that they are looking at, along with several examples of how it may compliment their previous purchases.

Nearly 25-40% of your trade show clients will choose to purchase an up-sell for one simple reason: they have already committed to buying one of your products and they would hate to miss out on an opportunity to get something special with a high perceived value. Therefore, all you need to do is employ these three simple up-selling techniques and seal the deal once and for all. Good luck!


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