Positive Changes: Go Green At Your Next Trade Show Event

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How to incorporate eco-friendly trade show accessories into your booth.

In this day and age, green technology seems to be taking over every aspect of our lives, from the automobiles that we drive to the appliances that we use in our homes. However, while these changes may seem as minimal as switching to a different electronic brand or paying a little more for a light bulb, these simple steps towards going green can make a huge impact on the good of our homes and can benefit the entire earth in the long run.

However, going green is not just a task that should be completed in your home and through your personal lifestyle choices. Many businesses and trade show exhibitors across the country are beginning to make the positive changes that are necessary for decreasing their negative carbon impact on the earth, while at the same time strengthening the message and sustainability of their own business.

Incorporating green technology and sustainable materials into your next trade show exhibit can also have a big impact on the attendees and potential leads who visit your booth. Not only does going green help to impress clients and customers who will appreciate the extra initiative that it takes for a business to be eco-friendly, but it can also be very cost efficient for your company, saving you plenty in the long run. This, in turn, means lower prices and better deals for potential clients.

Luckily, there are many simple, yet effective ways in which you can incorporate green technology and sustainable resources into your next trade show exhibit. Here are just a few of the most cost efficient, eco-friendly ways to go green on the trade floor:

Go Paperless

When it comes to preparing for your business trip and traveling to your trade show, nearly every single aspect of this detailed process is completed online, from airline tickets to hotel confirmations. Because of this, many companies will allow you to check-in and provide your reservation information right from your phone. This not only eliminates dozens of tickets and papers that get thrown out at the end of the trip, but it will also save you plenty of time having all of your documents stored right there on your handheld device.

Reduce Waste

When you are putting together your trade show materials and accessories, think about the different purposes of each object and whether or not it could be put to use for more than one task. For instance, if you do need to print information or handouts, print on both sides of recycled paper in order to reduce waste. You can also make your trade show displays have one simple, unified message that can be used for many different types of events, rather than a new banner for every show.

Eliminate Handouts

While it is useful to have one particular branded document or giveaway to hand out to potential leads, there is no need for multi-page booklets, brochures and in-depth research packets. The truth is, these documents are usually tossed right in the trash before the day is even over. Instead, take down the name and contact information of the people you meet, then offer to follow up via email with the information that would benefit them the most. This will not only cut down on paper costs, but it will also ensure that they do not lose your handouts on the trip home.

Having an eco-friendly booth and utilizing green technology is a great way to decrease your companies carbon foot print when you are constantly on the road, traveling from exhibit to exhibit. Be sure to utilize these three simple tips to make sure that your trade show booth is an environmental, and economic success.


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