Exhibit Rentals for Trade Shows

An impressive ROI isn’t about spending as much money as possible to drive your desired outcome; it’s about getting more out of every dollar spent.

Rental means flexibility. An exhibit rentals flexibility lies not only in the wide array of exhibits now available to marketers, but also in the scheduling and budgeting possible with rental packages.

Vast Exhibit Options

The days of only considering a portable solution for a rental are long gone. Modular and customized components are now available for rental. The Metalli® line of displays offers a wide variety of custom modular solutions to meet almost any need.

Ease of Scheduling

Consider a rental for an overlapping show schedule. Rent an exhibit sharing similar branding to existing exhibits, or possibly an exact duplicate to accommodate shows scheduled at the same time. Alternatively, rent an exhibit with a completely different look to meet the expectations of the prospects at that event.

No Commitment of Ownership

Rental allows exhibitors to spend or splurge without a commitment to ownership. A rental also allows an exhibitor to test drive the exhibit before purchasing. This allows changes to be made based on show-floor experience prior to the commitment.

Contact a Trade Group representative now for more information about exhibit rental options for your next trade show.

Why choose The Trade Group® when selecting your trade show exhibit rental?

There are a number of reasons our clients choose to rent trade show exhibits from The Trade Group rather than purchase. Renting can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing if you: attend trade shows infrequently, are in the process of rebranding, foresee dramatic changes to your product line in the near future or want to test the waters regarding function and design.

The best part? The Trade Group has been in business for more than 25 years, so not only do we have access to a vast selection of trade show displays ready for rental, we can also help you weigh your rent vs. own options – we know the trade show business. Plus you still have access to the same high-quality creative design and customization services available with a purchase program.

If you want to check out the vast array of trade show exhibit designs and services available to you, stop by one of The Trade Group’s showroom locations today. We would be delighted to review exhibit rental and purchase options with you.

You can review a sampling of our product line online, including customized exhibits, design, rentals, pre-owned accessories and more. If you would rather speak with someone in person, call 800-343-2005 to talk with a member of our team. You can also drop us a line through our contact form at right.

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