Trade Show Services Provided by Trade Group

Trade Show Services

The Trade Group® is more than just an exhibit provider. The breadth of our services allows us to help you create a cohesive
and successful event. When our clients leave an event, we want them to feel confident they left an imprint. We consider the entire trade show experience, from finding the right display for your company to capturing leads and creating effective multimedia presentations and dynamic websites.

Our top priority is to help our clients perfectly execute that critical show. In a competitive trade show environment, it is essential to make your mark and stand out, all while maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

The Trade Group® is dedicated teams of service professionals are committed to working with you to achieve your goals and ensure your success. We understand that you need a partner who is as resolute and focused on the mission at hand as you are. No matter what your goals are or what challenges lie ahead, together we can make success a reality.

When it comes to the services needed to make your next show run smoothly and successfully, let us manage the details.
We’ll do the dirty work so you don’t have to.


When designing trade show exhibits, The Trade Group® considers the union of graphics and structure from the beginning of the process to the final product, understanding that designing an exhibit without integrating graphic design into every step is merely building a monument.


A trade show is a commitment to handle hundreds of details. Let The Trade Group® lighten the load through our Exhibit Management Program (EMP), which shifts the burden of detail management from your team to ours.
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The primary reason for exhibiting at trade shows is to create business opportunities, not to assemble displays. That’s why so many companies rely on The Trade Group® to install and dismantle their exhibits.
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Long gone are the days when exhibitors were afforded the ability to just show up and shake a few hands. Today, event managers and exhibitors are met with an increasing demand to identify qualified prospects and drive them to the booth
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Even with professional installation and dismantling, no display escapes normal wear and tear. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure that your exhibit is always trade-show ready and looking its best.
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The Trade Group offers digital photography to provide our clients with outstanding images. Using professional quality digital cameras, a highly trained staff and editing software
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Shaking lots of hands indiscriminately does little to drive profits. Often the intent of a trade show is lost in the execution of the details.
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Marketing your presence at trade shows and events now requires a solid understanding of social media marketing and digital PR. Event Marketers must have a firm grasp on the digital tools that will increase the number of qualified visitors to the booth — resulting in increased ROI.


Exhibiting internationally is more than converting feet to meters. There are many business and cultural differences that can make exhibiting overseas challenging. The Trade Group is here to help.
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The Trade Group’s customized Booth Staff Training goes beyond the basics by working directly with your team to determine goals and objectives specific for your company. We can help you uncover the best ways to engage with attendees, filter and qualify visitors as well as get staff comfortable with “selling” on the trade show floor.
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Why choose The Trade Group® as your trade show services provider?

With over 25 years of dedicated trade show services and over 40,000 state-of-the-art trade show exhibits delivered all over the world, The Trade Group® continues to be the premier trade show service provider.

Complete with customized exhibits, design, rentals, accessories and more, we provide everything you will need in order to stand out from your competitors and deliver unique trade show exhibits resulting in higher return on your investment.

We have been providing quality trade show exhibit services since 1986 with several convenient locations in Dallas, Austin, Pittsburgh and San Antonio. For more information on trade show services or other questions you may have about our products, feel free to call 800-343-2005 or fill out the contact us form today.