Trade Show Exhibit Design

When designing trade show exhibits, The Trade Group® considers the union of graphics and structure from the beginning of the process to the final product, understanding that designing an exhibit without integrating graphic design into every step is merely building a monument. Without skilled design, an exhibit is simply a collection of parts, not a cohesive entity. Our design team and consultants work with you independently to understand your trade show goals and to enable us to build an exhibit that matches your particular needs.

Graphic Design

Structural Design

Our award-winning design team attacks every graphic design engagement with a big, fast-impact mentality. We understand the difference between designing a magazine ad and designing exhibit graphics. Magazine ads are designed for a captive audience. At a trade show, you only have a few seconds to cut through all the visual noise and get your message to the customer. Our designers live in the exhibit world every day and understand what is necessary to capture the eye of your audience.
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We offer the full spectrum of trade show displays from pop-ups to custom exhibits, allowing us to provide the best solution for your exhibiting needs.Our experienced team has the knowledge and expertise to understand what fits best with your exhibit strategy. We never have to force-fit a product due to gaps in our toolbox. We see exhibit design in terms of 3D marketing and understand how the right materials and spaces can make a lasting impression about your company and products or services.

Why choose The Trade Group® as your trade show creative services provider?

Are you a trade show pro or a rookie just getting into the game? The Trade Group’s creative services team is here to serve all of your trade show creative needs. Whether you need help designing a trade show banner stand, an elaborate trade show exhibit or an eye-catching promotional piece, our team has the tools and experience to help.

We provide both graphic design and structural design services and can call in our strategic marketing experts to help ensure your trade show marketing efforts deliver the results your business needs. You can count on The Trade Group to be with you every step of the way, while making sure your brand and messaging stands out, front and center.

If you’re searching for additional trade show services, be sure to check out our customized exhibits, exhibit rentals, accessories and more throughout our website. With more than 25 years of experience in the exhibition industry, The Trade Group has the tools and knowledge to set your company apart during your next trade show event.

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