Exhibit Management Services

A Trade Show is a commitment to handle hundreds of details. Let The Trade Group® lighten the load through our Exhibit Management Program (EMP), which shifts the burden of detail management from your team to ours.We begin by creating CAD renderings and floor plans for the various configurations of your display with corresponding inventories of hardware and graphics. The information is cataloged in a portfolio along with electrical requirements and shipping weights. We provide the shipping forms, so a single fax is all that is required to initiate a shipment anywhere in the U.S. or overseas.The Trade Group® takes care of the rest. We make sure that the correct display configuration is shipped and installed, then dismantled, returned and refurbished. It’s always ready at a moment notice. The Trade Group® stores your display in a protective, monitored environment between shows

The Trade Group® can coordinate all of the items and services that will make your next trade show outstanding. Our professional staff can prepare and complete your show forms, process payments and verify schedules of any item, service or utility. From audio/visual equipment and badges, to computers, water lines and everything in between, The Trade Group® can coordinate your trade show from start to finish.
As an integral part of The Trade Group®s Exhibit Management Program, EMP Online is a very powerful online tool that lets you manage your exhibit assets from anywhere in the world. The Trade Group® developed the EMP Online system to facilitate the fastest responses available, with the selectivity our clientele demands. Every EMP client can leverage the power of an online catalog of items being stored and managed at our facility.

Why choose The Trade Group® to store and manage you exhibit assets?

Successfully managing a trade show and the assets that support it takes organizational skills, industry know-how, experience and time. If you’re new to trade show management duties or perhaps you know what it takes, but don’t have the time in your schedule to handle everything, call us.

With more than 25 years in the exhibition industry, The Trade Group has streamlined the exhibit management process, and we are available to handle the bulk of the work for you. From coordinating forms, payments, schedules, set up requirements and more – we can handle your trade show services needs from start to finish.

Plus our online Exhibit Management Program (EMP) allows you to manage your trade show exhibit and asset management needs online, 24/7 – no matter where life takes you. With The Trade Group exhibit management services you can relax, know your exhibit and assets will arrive at the next show, go through set up on schedule and then return safely back to our storage facility – no worries.

The Trade Group offers a comprehensive suite of tradeshow products and services, including exhibit sales, rentals and pre-owned, creative design and marketing services and more – all designed to boost the trade show return on investment our customer’s desire. Susan, a Marketing Project Manager, kindly shared this testimonial about the results her business attained after partnering with The Trade Group.

“The Trade Group responded with a design that earned us a ‘Sizzle Award’ from Exhibitor Magazine for an Integrated Program. The result was a 500% increase in leads generated over the previous year’s efforts. Thank you for being a true partner in our success.”

The Trade Group has been in business since 1986 and is committed to our customer’s success. We have showroom locations in Dallas, Pittsburgh and San Antonio. For more information on trade show exhibit management or questions regarding our products and services, call us at 800-343-2005 or fill out our contact us form.


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