Trade Show Lead Management

Long gone are the days when exhibitors were afforded the ability to just show up and shake a few hands. Today, event managers and exhibitors are met with an increasing demand to identify qualified prospects and drive them to the booth hall while constantly keeping a timely and relevant message in front of them.

By identifying qualified prospects immediately and catering your message to their specific business pains, your sales staff will be better equipped to follow-up and effectively engage the prospect as soon as the trade show ends.

In order to effectively help exhibitors with lead management, The Trade Group® offers the industry’s most powerful lead management software tool that allows exhibitors to integrate pre-show, at-show and post-show marketing communication in order to better leverage every sales opportunity. Integrating sales and marketing efforts to quickly help identify qualified prospects and better measure the effectiveness of your show becomes seamless and automated with our lead management software solution.


Why choose The Trade Group® to assist with your trade show lead management?

Participating in trade shows is all about boosting brand recognition and gathering leads. With The Trade Group’s industry-leading and powerful lead management software program, managing leads from multiple sources, before, during and after a show is a breeze.

Our automated software program makes it easy to track lead sources so you can identify which marketing communication tools were the most successful. It also helps trade show marketers organize and qualify leads quickly, so it’s easy to follow up in a timely fashion. This means you won’t have leads slipping through the cracks, which in turn means, more sales!

Along with a variety of trade show lead management programs, The Trade Group offers custom-designed exhibits, trade group creative design services, exhibit rentals and trade show accessories. Visit one of our four showroom locations in Dallas, San Antonio or Pittsburgh, today. You can also connect with us online through our contact us form or call us at 800-343-2005 for more information.


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