Trade Show Exhibit Refurbishment

Even with professional installation and dismantling, no display escapes normal wear and tear. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure that your exhibit is always trade-show ready and looking its best. In fact, refurbishment significantly extends the life of your display, increasing the value of your exhibit investment.

Refurbishment options range from simple surface cleaning and detailing, to vinyl graphic repair and touch-up, to major structural overhaul or adaptation for modified usage.

In the event that repairs are necessary, our service team offers the skills and materials to quickly return your display to its like-new condition. The Trade Group® provides quality refurbishment services for all makes of displays, including custom and manufactured components.


Why choose The Trade Group® to refurbish your trade show exhibit?

Your organization’s trade show exhibit should leave a great impression on those who encounter it at every exhibition. Over time, though, you can expect to experience normal wear and tear, which may leave your exhibit looking dirty and tired. Fortunately, The Trade Group is here to help return your exhibit to its original beauty.

We offer a variety of trade show exhibit refurbishment options, including simple surface cleaning and detailing, vinyl graphic repair and touch up, structural overhaul and adaptation for modified usage.

Whether you’re looking to give your current exhibit a facelift or would like to start off fresh with a completely new display, The Trade Group has a variety of options from which to choose. You can check out your options in the trade group exhibit gallery on our website or visit one of our four showroom locations in San Antonia, Dallas or Pittsburgh.

To learn more about The Trade Group’s other products and services, stop by, give us a call at 800-343-2005 or fill out our contact form.


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