Show Me The Light: Benefits Of Effective Trade Show Lighting

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Tips for picking lighting that compliments your company booth.

One of the main reasons in which many businesses decide to exhibit at trade show events it to show off their products and services to attendees , industry leaders and qualified sales leads, while at the same time bringing in new business for their company. Luckily, there are several different ways that you can accomplish this through your trade show exhibit.

In the last few years, many trade show exhibitors have begun bringing in high-tech digital accessories or complex display graphics to catch the attention of attendees and “wow” them into coming in and checking out their booth. And while technology and eye-catching graphics can help your business to stand out among the other booths, when done correctly, these exhibitor accessories can cost a bit of money. Not to mention, if done incorrectly, they can actually turn attendees off from wanting to visit your booth.

However, these extravagant, costly trade show accessories are not the only way to highlight your products and services at your next trade show event. In fact, something as simple as display lighting is enough to take your booth from dull and unnoticed to exciting and professional.

The lighting of your trade show booth has a huge effect on how visitors will view your products and display. If your booth information is hidden behind shadows, or even worse, obnoxious orange light, trade show attendees are not going to want to spend a lot of time at your booth. However, if you have proper mood-setting lighting that presents your information in a pleasing way, it will catch the attention of those around you.

Here are just a few things you need to know about proper display lighting for your next trade show event:

What Are The Benefits of Trade Show Lighting?

Proper trade show lighting can not only help to enhance your exhibit by attracting attention to your displays and increasing the overall exposure of your booth, but it can also can put attendees in the right frame of mind for your goods and services.

For instance, many studies have shown that drastic brightness or contrasts can cause severe visual irritation and uneasiness―something you definitely do not want attendees feeling when they come to your booth. However, on the other side, professional, well put-together lighting displays can convey a sense of warmth, comfort and security in those in the room.

Trade show lighting is also one of the best ways for highlighting certain aspects of your trade show booth and putting the focus on the products that you think are most important for attendees.

What Type Of Lighting Is Best For Your Booth?

Before you choose the trade show lighting you would like to feature in your booth, you must first ask yourself several questions:

  • What area or product in your booth needs to be the main attraction to attendees and potential clients?
  • What is the visual message you are hoping to get from your trade show booth?

Depending on your answer to either of these questions, you may want lighting that is subtle and inviting to your products, or large-scale lighting that highlights your entire exhibit to those walking buy. Either way, it is important that you get a consultation from a trade show professional to ensure that you get the proper display lighting that works best for you business and marketing message.

The most important aspect of any trade show event is drawing in potential clients and showing off your products and services to qualified leads. One of the most efficient, inexpensive ways of doing this is through professional trade show lighting. Contact The Trade Group today to determine which type of lighting is best for your booth, and what will help your company truly succeed at your next trade show.


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