Show Off Your Company Logo With A Hanging Sign

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Get your company noticed with a hanging sign at your next trade show event.

For many exhibitors, one of the most difficult aspects of attending a trade show is getting their exhibit noticed by attendees and standing out among the crowd. With hundreds of exhibitors throughout the event constantly calling out to attendees and promising great products and services, just how is your company supposed to attract the attention that they want?

One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting noticed at your next trade show is to invest in accessories that will differentiate your company from those around you, not just as they walk through the event, but from the second they walk in.

Just think, when you walk into a convention hall and see an overpowering sea of vendor tables, you are often struck with the hesitation of where to begin―you don’t know which clients are where, you have no idea where to find the companies you have researched beforehand, and, above all, each exhibit looks so similar that none stand out right away.

However, imagine entering the convention hall and, from the other side of the floor, you see a hanging sign attractively displaying a company’s brand and logo. You immediately have an idea of which exhibit you would like to head towards―the one with the large hanging sign calling out to you from across the room.

Adding a hanging sign to your trade show exhibit can not only help to increase the visibility of your company at the event, but it can also help to enhance your brand image and message. Still not convinced? Here are just a few more ways in which hanging signs can have a significant effect on the overall outcome of your trade show event:

They’re Easy To Spot

Whenever you head to any type of industry convention or trade show, one of the first things that you often notice are the large banners and signs that are hanging from the ceiling. These simple hanging displays are a great way to create a brand presence for your business that gets your logo and message across to potential leads, without them having to actually be in front of your exhibit.

They’re Customizable

Like many other trade show exhibit accessories, hanging signs are completely customizable, from their size, color, shape and even the type of sign that you choose. This is great for your company because it allows you to incorporate your overall theme and branding message into each sign that you purchase.

They’re Reusable

Hanging signs do not just work great for your company’s trade show appearances, but they can also be a wonderful asset to your showroom or dealership. When you are not using your hanging sign for an industry event, hang it up inside of your office in order to keep up your company theme and message all year long.

The Trade Group offers a wide variety of hanging sizes in every shape, color and size that you could imagine. Adding one of these impressive accessories to your next trade show event will not only attract attendees and potential leads to your exhibit, but it will also help your company’s image and name stick in the mind of those attending long after the trade show has ended.

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