Step Right Up: Using Games To Increase Your Audience

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interactive trade show gamesEveryone loves carnival games, they remind us of being young and taking chances in hopes of winning a prize. Remember tossing a ping-pong ball hoping to have a new gold fish by the time you went home? Throwing darts into balloons with the hope of winning the biggest teddy bear you’ve ever seen. You can use these same games to entertain and draw in an audience for your exhibit. Carnival games will entertain your potential clients.

Interactive Games for Your Trade Show Booth

There are two different types of games that you can utilize for your exhibit, games of chance and games of skill. Traditional games of chance include: coin toss, Ping-Pong toss and guessing games such as guess my weight or guess my birthday. Traditional games of skill include: throwing darts, mini-rifle range and ring the bell (where the participant uses a mallet to test their strength). The object of all of these games is to win a prize. Why not use the elements of carnival games in your exhibit? Obviously, you can do the typical business card draw, but there is something about returning to your childhood pleasures that draws people in, makes them want to stand in line for a chance, and thus give you more time to speak with them. (Make sure that you get their contact information regardless so that you can follow up with them after the show!)

Have your audience try their hand at your choice of games to win prizes that deal with your product. For example, if you are a company that provides computer tech advice, your prizes could be coupons off of services, giveaway items that promote your business such as key-chains or post-it notes along with offering bigger prizes such as software or deluxe product packages offered by your company. The possibilities are endless. Top off the exhibit with a place for your potential clients to sit, have a drink or a snack, and relax after walking through the exhibit more times than they can count.

Using different styles of games will not only entice individuals to visit your exhibit, but will entertain them as well. Getting and keeping your potential customers attention is a classic problem at tradeshows. Getting past this hurdle will give you a huge head start on making the tradeshow an extremely profitable event for you and your company.

Do you need inspiration? Go back to your own childhood to remember what made you smile. And it even works with the things that you do to relax now. If your exhibit is more formal, games might not be just the right thing, but something else will be. Make your trade show booth stand out; think outside the box and do something different from everyone else.

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