Strategic Tactics For Building A Foundation Of Success: Part 1

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Having a sound plan that is targeted and measurable is the first step in the success of any project. Here we will discuss four of the seven steps that will create a solid foundation of success for your trade show exhibit.

Step 1: Define Your Target Market
Before you attend an event, you need to understand the demographic of those attending. Part of any successful tradeshow is playing to the target audience. You should know your target market so well that you know what drives them both personally and professionally.

Step 2: Remember That Quality Is Key
Attracting quality begins with your message. You have a story to tell, but if your attendees are spending time at your competitors exhibit instead of yours, they are never going to hear it. You need to attract a potential client with the guarantee of a great experience at the show and persuade them to commit to visiting your booth before they arrive at the show. In order to accomplish this you must choose and approach that communicates your brand and allows you to customize your message board based on the needs of the customer. Do this and the customer will want to hear your what you have to say.

Step 3: Determine The Best Approach
It is important to integrate pre-show, and post-show tactics with what you will be doing in the booth. You need to go over your goals and objectives and then take a look at what you want your attendees to experience. Here are a few questions that will help you determine the best approach:

  1. Are you going to be utilizing technology in your exhibit to enhance your customer experience?
  2. Are you planning to give away incentives when your top leads visit the exhibit?
  3. Are you going to have a drawing to give away a premier package of your product or service?
  4. Are you featuring a distinguished industry thought leader at your trade show booth to meet with attendees or deliver a presentation?

Step 4: Pick Your Point Of Attack
You should try to find ways to drive the right people to your trade show table at the lowest cost per qualified lead. There are several methods of communication that could be used to communicate with your target market.

  1. Direct Mail: this can include letters, power play (dimensional mailers or incomplete offers) and postcards.
  2. Email: the most cost-effective and successful means of pre-show marketing
  3. Telemarketing
  4. Marketing Press Releases (MPRs): another of the best kept secrets in pre-show marketing. They improve your company’s search engine optimization

Remember that frequency is key. Staying top of mind with your potential and current clients will ensure that you have a steady client base. The more personalized touch points you can have with your prospect in different communication channels, the better.

Coming up, steps five, six and seven on strategic planning for a solid foundation for your trade show event.

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