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The benefits of storing your trade show exhibit with The Trade Group.

When it comes to exhibiting at a trade show or convention, there is no shortage of to-do lists, paperwork and planning to complete before you can actually get to the show. Depending on the size of your exhibit and the type of trade show you are attending, you may have to start preparing weeks before you can even think about setting up your exhibit on the trade show floor.

In fact, for many exhibitors, finally arriving at a trade show event sometimes means the hardest part of the trip is over, and they can get started with meeting attendees and building relationships with future clients.

Given the fact that so much time and preparation goes into ensuring that your company’s trade show exhibit is a success, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to shift some of the burden of exhibiting off of your shoulders and take a step back from all of the details of the event? The Trade Group can help to lighten your company’s load by managing the event details and shift the burden of exhibiting from your team to ours.

Our Exhibit Management Team has been managing the details and day-to-day tasks of trade show exhibitors for 25 years, and we are certain that we can help to make your conference or trade show a success.

Not only does our Exhibit Management Program (EMP) offer you an online portfolio of your exhibit assets as well as information 24 hours a day, but we can also provide your company with show services coordination and show form completion from start to finish. We also provide centralized, secure exhibit storage for your entire exhibit portfolio.With our shipping coordination and tracking from anywhere in the world, you can be sure that your trade show exhibit is in the best of hands until the next time it is needed.

The Trade Group provides detailed inspections, ensuring that there are no unwelcome surprises the day of the event. We also offer exhibit maintenance and refurbishment in case you need any updates to your exhibit leading up to the event.

Also, consider allowing The Trade Group to coordinate Installation and Dismantle, or even personally supervise the labor at your next show so you’re assured the exhibit is properly maintained while it’s on the road.

If you are interested in learning more about The Trade Group’s Exhibit Management Program, be sure to contact us today for more details. For a limited time only, when you join our EMP program, you will also receive 6 months of storage at no additional costs*. So, hurry and call us today, because this offer expires December 31st, 2012.


*When sighting an 18 month EMP contract.

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