The Most Effective Giveaways For Your Trade Show

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Choose a giveaway for your trade showthat will really reflect your brand.

If you’ve ever attended a trade show before, then you just know how many giveaways and swag prizes make their way around the show floor by the end of the day. Whether a company is handing out candy with labeled wrappers or a high-end engraved letter opener, nearly every exhibitor at a trade show has some kind of freebie.

One of the biggest reasons many companies continue to offer giveaways at each and every trade show event is because people love them! Think about it―at your last trade show, there were surely plenty of people carrying around lanyards, pens, and you name it in a bag on their arm (which was probably a giveaway too). People will even compete in contests and sign up for email lists simply for a chance to get a free mug, even though they have plenty sitting at home! People just love their free stuff.

However, while any kind of giveaway item will likely gain interest from attendees, only the most well planned and unique trade show freebies really garner the results that your company wants―qualified leads and solid follow-up calls.

So, how can you ensure that your trade show giveaway will create awareness of your company and build an understanding of your brand? You must first consider why your company should utilize freebies in the first place, then choose a product that would best represent your message.

Why Use Trade Show Giveaways?

While there are many different reasons why people choose to give away promotional items at trade shows, the biggest beneficial reasons for your company are branding and image-building. Giving an attendee a useful item that has your business logo and branding message on it will help people remember your company after the show is over. If used correctly, they are also a great way to reinforce your company’s image and services.

Trade show giveaways also help to create a positive image about your company in the mind of the attendee. Whether you use a simple item with your logo on it, or give away a huge, generous freebie, your giveaway is still a gift. People will always remember a company that gave them something for free.

How Do You Select The Best Type of Giveaway?

First of all, a trade show freebie should always be an item that not only promotes your business and message, but also motivates an action and increases the possibility of follow up. Therefore, before choosing an item, you need to determine what your company’s goal is―do you want to educate attendees? Do you want to entertain them? Do you want to promote your general booth theme?

You should also choose an item that promotes your overall marketing message. For instance, if you are a pool care company, you wouldn’t want to give away a calculator or a pen. Instead, you may consider putting your logo on a blow-up beach ball or on a floatable keychain. Always choose an item that makes sense for your company.

While there are a vast amount of trade show giveaway options to choose from, you should always make sure that your item is a good reflection on your company. After all, at the end of the day, attendees are going to be taking these home and remembering your company through them. You want to make sure that you are giving them an item worth remembering.


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