Tips For Maintaining A Professional Image At Your Next Trade Show

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Do you know the ins and outs of professional trade show etiquette?

When your company or business is planning to exhibit at a trade show event, there are many different details and elements that you must remember along the way. Whether you are setting up a massive double deck exhibit or a simple 10×10 display, there are a certain amount of accessories and marketing details that are essential to the success of your exhibit.

However, when you are planning out your sales strategy, purchasing all of your promotional items and getting your trade show documents in order, it is easy to forget about one of the simplest, yet most important aspects of a trade show: maintaining a happy, professional image to attendees.

At any given moment throughout a trade show event, you will be on center stage to the attendees and vendors who are walking past your exhibit. And, as much as you would prefer to think otherwise, each one of these people is going to be judging your company and appearance in order to decide whether or not they would consider working with you in the future.

Trade show vendors who are unenthusiastic and give off a negative impression will not only be ignored by potential leads and customers walking by, but they could put off any fellow exhibitors who were looking to network.

Given the fact that it takes less than 15 seconds for other people to form an impression of us, it is essential that you are displaying an image that encourages others to enter your exhibit and find out what you are all about. Here are just a few helpful tips that will help you maintain a professional image at your next trade show event.

Limit Food To Your Lunch Break

One trade show etiquette violation that frequently occurs among exhibitors is eating at your booth. While it is okay to have a water or soda underneath your table to quench your thirst, the last thing you want is candy wrappers and potato chip bags scattered among your information packets and promotional items. Instead, make sure that you get enough to eat at lunch or step away from your booth if you need a quick snack.

Be Sure To Engage Your Audience

It is no secret that you can become easily exhausted after walking around the trade show for hours on end. However, you should try to avoid sitting down in the back of your exhibit. Not only can this make you look lazy, but it also gives off the sign that you are not interested in speaking to anyone who walks past your exhibit. Instead, walk around and engage the trade show attendees that look interested in your products and information.

Avoid Chatting With Your Co-Workers

Just as sitting down in your booth can give the impression that you do not want to speak to attendees, mingling with your co-workers instead of potential leads can make you seem as if you are unapproachable. Instead, you want to give off the impression that you are open to answering questions and that attendees will not be interrupting anything between you and your colleagues.

At every trade show there are minor blunders and mistakes that can happen while exhibiting. However, you do not want any of these mistakes to occur because you were not maintaining proper trade show etiquette. Follow these three simple steps to ensure that you have a productive, professional appearance at your next trade show.


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