Tips For Staying Healthy And Energetic During Trade Show Travel

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Keep your next trade show event fun and healthy with these simple tips.

For many of us who spend a significant amount of time traveling with our company and attending various trade shows across the country, it can seem as though we spend more time getting to and from places than we do relaxing at home. However, while the life of constant travel can be fun and exciting at times, it can also take a significant toll on our health and well being if we do not take proper steps to take care of ourselves on the road.

According to many recent reports, business travelers have an increased risk of health problems when they are constantly traveling. In fact, a study by Columbia University shows that business professionals who travel often are more likely to be obese, have high blood pressure, and suffer from an increased amount of stress.

Whenever you are traveling, it is very easy to fall into the laid-back lifestyle and fatigue that often comes with being on vacation―Grabbing a quick fast food dinner when fueling up on the road, going out with colleagues after a long work week to throw back a drink or two, falling asleep in front of the hotel television after a long day of closing sales. However, it is very important to both your productivity and your health that you draw a fine line between vacation activities and business activities.

It takes commitment and preparation to stay on track with a diet and exercise program when you are constantly on the road, but it can make a huge difference in your happiness and overall productivity at your business event. Here are just a few tips that will help you beat the odds and stay healthy on your next company trip:

Avoid Fast Food Temptations

Whether you are traveling by plane or by car, the type of food that you will most likely encounter will be designed to be cheap, filling and good for on-the-go. However, these types of foods often come with a lot of grease and calories, leaving you feeling lazy and lethargic for the rest of the day. Instead, it is important to stock up on food that will leave your energized during your travels, such as trail mix, yogurt, nuts and lean sandwiches.

Relax And Rest Before You Leave

Before your trip, you should try and get in as much rest as possible to help speed up the recovery period after you return home. After a long, hectic week full of meetings with clients, pitching your products and services to various trade show attendees, and getting to and from different locations, airports and hotels, you are going to be wishing that you gave yourself as much energy as possible before starting your trip.

Give Yourself A Chance To Exercise

While traveling and long days spent on the trade show floor can leave you feeling tired and exhausted, you should try to plan for at least one hour of exercise per day. Not only will this keep your health and body in check, but exercising also releases endorphins in your brain, giving you an extra boost of happiness. Plus, most hotels have small gyms or exercise areas that will give you the hour of exercise that you are looking for, all at no extra cost.

Exercising and staying on top of your health may seem like a pain when you are on the road and traveling from event to event. However, taking these extra preventative measures will not only ensure that you feel great during your trade show event, but also that you have the energy and motivation that you need to close your sales.


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