Trade Show Accessories: The Little Things That Matter

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Add-ons that will make your exhibit stand out at your next show.

When you head to a trade show, your exhibit becomes your portable office for the time that you are there. From your table, you will be meeting new prospective clients, connecting with different vendors and business professionals, showing off your products and services, and making new qualified sales leads. Therefore, it is very important that you make your portable office intriguing so that it will attract visitors throughout the event.

While a great big exhibit and eye-catching graphics are essential for a good trade show, there is one thing that can bump up your display from good to great: trade show accessories.

The right trade show accessories can make the difference between an exhibit that is ordinary and an exhibit that is simply irresistible to show attendees. Whether it’s through an eye-catching banner stand, a thoughtfully placed graphic logo, or a innovative exhibit set up, your accessories both invite visitors to stop and learn about your company, and also help you present and sell your products at an event.

However, quality trade show accessories do not need to cost your company a fortune either. A well-planned, inexpensive set-up with a few prominently placed accessories can make a big impact on potential clients and leads.

Here are just a few trade show accessories that will keep your company well within its show budget, and will also grab the attention of visitors walking past your exhibit:

Table Drapes

Adding a table drape to your exhibit (also known as trade show throws or trade show table covers) is a simple, yet effective way to take your trade exhibit from dull and unattractive to polished and professional. These table drapes are a great way to cover up unsightly tables that throw off the overall look of your exhibit. Keeping your entire color scheme and display in sync also helps to give your display an elegant appearance.

Table drapes come in a variety of colors and sizes, and can even be customized to include your logo or company name. If you are looking for something that stands out just a little more, many of these accessories offer the feature of a full color image on the front or entirety of the drape.

Literature Racks

Many companies will spend hundreds and thousands of dollars printing up marketing materials and literature in order to supply their business information to trade show attendees on the go. However, once they get to their exhibit, they simply plop their literature down on their table, leaving it looking unorganized and unprofessional.

Instead, consider placing your important magazines, catalogs and brochures on organized, stylish literature racks during your trade show. These portable, lightweight units are not only a great way to organize all of your documents in a clean, structured way, but they also allow attendees to get all of their information in one place, creating an optimal information hub where you can connect with potential leads.

It is simple for companies to put together a well-organized, professional trade show display or presentation when they have the right type of accessories. Including these helpful add-ons into your exhibit will not only grab the attention of attendees,  but they will also ensure that you move your exhibit from the category of ordinary to simply irresistible.

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