Trade Show Events (Part 2): Thoughts On The Exhibitor 2012 Show

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Our thoughts after returning from the Exhibitor 2012 Trade show.

While we here at The Trade Group love sharing new information and resources with our readers about how to improve their trade show experience and increase their return on investments, we also understand that the world of trade shows is constantly evolving and improving in front of us. Every year, the technology and exhibits get better and better, while trade show attendees become harder and harder to impress by the average trade show exhibit.

In order to make sure that your company is on top of the trade show trends and is gaining the attention that you need from attendees, it is important to stay abreast of what’s coming up for your company’s trade shows or company exhibits.

Also, because we here at The Trade Group are committed to bringing you most current and accurate data available when it comes to the trade show industry, we often attend our own trade shows which cover many important topics in the trade show world. In this trade show events series, we will be chronicling our experience at a few of our favorite trade shows and will be sharing some valuable information that we have learned along the way. (Click here to read our Trade Show Events Part 1 blog which takes about Exhibitor 2012.)

Exhibitor 2012

The Exhibitor trade show always offers a great chance to connect with helpful faces in the trade show community while also learning a great deal of information about what is on the horizon for this industry.

Exhibitor 2012 in particular had an element not seen over the past handful of years – Positive Energy. The overall feeling on the show floor was upbeat. The exhibitors debuted new builds rather than squeezing another year out of a retread. The custom houses were back to building, well…custom booths and everyone spoke of coming off of a very positive couple of quarters with the hope of it continuing through 2012.

The industry is still steeped in parity. Lots of fabric attached to aluminum and lit with LED’s. The differences between each of the offerings were at times subtle but there nonetheless.

Video and motion graphics, along with their digital delivery,  continue to become a large part of today’s exhibit experience. However I was surprised that they didn’t play an even larger role in this year’s Exhibitor roster. One reason could be that many of the exhibitors try to foster a consultative environment at the show for their prospective customers where the interaction is more intimate and focused on the one-to-one meeting.

Another great aspect of the Exhibitor conference is that the content of the courses were great. There was the welcome addition of many more classes focused on digital marketing, technology and social media this year than in previous years.

Did you attended Exhibitor 2012? If so, tell us what you thought of the trade show in the comments below. Be sure to also check out our Trade Show Events (Part 1) blog where we will be talking about our experience at the 2012 Digital Signage Expo.

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