How To Build a Rapport With Trade Show Attendees

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Tips on building a report with your sales clients and customers.

There are many different sales techniques and tricks out there that promise to connect businesses with potential clients and help to secure qualified leads at trade show events. Whether these tricks are simple and subtle, such as sending an annual holiday card to thank clients for their business, or a more obvious approach that involves a lengthy sales pitch, these techniques will only work if your trade show attendees feel comfortable and positive about your products and services.

While the overall message and marketing behind your trade show exhibit will have a large factor in whether or not an attendee will turn into a qualified lead, there are several steps that you can take to ensure that that you are building a good rapport with those who stop by your booth.

Building rapport with potential clients is one of the most fundamental and critical aspects of sales. Without it, there is no way that you can except to close a deal with a potential client or gain their trust and confidence in your services.

Luckily, there are many different, simple ways that you can build rapport with trade show attendees. Here are just a few tips that will help you to develop strong relationships with potential clients and keep competitors at an arm’s length away:

Give A Good First Impression

One of the most important aspects of building rapport with trade show attendees is to make a good first impression. Whether you like it or not, many people will form impressions about your business and your products based on factors such as the appearance of your trade  exhibit and the attitude of your staffers. Therefore, be sure that you make a well-groomed appearance at your event and are personable with every attendee.

Look For Common Interests

Before you launch into your sales pitch, it is first important to “warm up” your sales prospect and make them feel comfortable in the conversation. The best way to do this is by discussing common topics that will allow you to join the client’s world and their point of view. For instance, many people enjoy talking about their hobbies and past accomplishments at their company, which will also help you to learn more about their position in the industry.

Mirror Their Attitude and Actions

One of the most popular sales techniques that is used as a way to connect with attendees and build a positive rapport is the art of mirror imaging. This sales technique works by adopting the physical and verbal behaviors of the person that you are talking to in order to connect with them on a subconscious level. You can do this subtly by training yourself to mirror image your attendee’s physical mannerisms, from posture to tone of voice.

Once you have established a rapport with attendees at your trade show event, they will begin to feel more in sync with your message and goals. Not only will this help to form a more positive image about your business and your relationship with clients, but they will also feel more confident in your company’s products and services.


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