Tradeshow Attendance Is Increasing

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trade show attendanceGatherings like Comdex and other similar events across the country have become an increasingly important part of the marketing industry. The market gurus suggest that around $10 billion per annum is spent by American businesses on attending such events, and also on designing, building, and transporting exhibits for them.

The competition among the businesses, the crowds that attend the events and a limited window of opportunity, has led the amount of time, money, and effort exhibitors invest these days in their trade show booths to skyrocket. The trend has moved far away from the past where there used to be fabric-draped tables and frame mounted displays. Today’s trade show booth is a combination of various elements of theater, museum, and theme park. They contain LCD display units to show introductory videos about the products and the company. To add a little background music they have a proper sound systems, and they also they feature lighting arrangements to highlight different areas of the booth. But is it necessary to make one like this? With so much at stake yes it is. Designing a functional, effective booth and hiring competent people as staff is of paramount importance. Only in this way companies can be sure that they are making the most out of the shows where they exhibit themselves.

Just as in any retail business, the nature of the first interaction at a trade show booth clearly indicates what the visitor is expecting, or what image he has of your company in his/her mind. You need to have an efficient and skilled staff that have an approachable personality and greet each customer with a pleasant gesture. Still, in an effort to save travel expenses and the valuable time of corporate staff, many companies hire local temporary help to assist in the booth if the trade show is in another city. As a matter of fact, some companies actually hire attractive actors and actresses as the front-line pitch people. The role they play is that of someone who is knowledgeable about the product. Some actors are so good, they are even mistaken for someone with actual product knowledge. Unfortunately, their level of knowledge regarding the product or business is rarely what it should be. Having a person with a good personality is important but having someone with equally good product knowledge is essential.

In short, the trade show is a forum for manufacturer-customer interaction or service provider client interaction. The object of exhibiting is to reach and communicate with serious customers and prospects. Attracting the right audience is half the battle. If communication breaks down because an uninformed actor or temporary worker is placed in the position of answering questions, you might have already lost the potential client. So you have to carefully determine that you have all the key factors that would make your booth the most appealing and henceforth producing sales leads for your company.

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