Tradeshow Cost Saving Measures

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trade show expensesWithout a doubt, tradeshows, tradeshow exhibits, and attending a tradeshow itself can be a costly endeavor. In an economic slump such as the country is currently experiencing, these tradeshows, though often vital to a business’s growth, are often one of the first things to be cut because of their cost.Believe it or not, there are cost saving measures to be had when attending a tradeshow, whether as an attendee or an exhibitor. Since tradeshow exhibits are our forte, we have decided to dedicate this blog to identifying cost saving methods for those people and companies that will be attending tradeshows.

Trade Show Budget Saving Techniques

By practicing smart cost saving methods, a company can increase their ROI, and decrease the amount of money going out of the company coffers.

  • Plan of Action: What do you want to get out of your tradeshow experience? Knowing this will help you set out a plan of action that will allow you to accomplish your goals, and allow you to see where excessive funds are being spent. Write down all of the expenses to the business, right down to and including baggage fees for airline trips.
  • Exhibit: If you’ve been to tradeshows before and have your exhibit consider re-using it whole cloth, or just refurbishing it. A few minor changes can make an old exhibit look brand new. If you don’t have an exhibit, consider renting on. These easy to use exhibits are also typically light weight and can be shipped relatively inexpensively, and do not require extensive set up.
  • Logistics: Instead of making costly mistakes, allow the professional to manage your tradeshow participation. The Trade Group can coordinate all of the items and services that will make your next trade show outstanding. Our professional staff can prepare and complete your show forms, process payments and verify schedules of any item, service or utility. From audio/visual equipment and badges, to computers, water lines and everything in between.
  • Staffing: In days gone by you could go to a tradeshow and see an exhibit staffed with multitudes of people. These days, the cost of travel, housing and board for staff members as well as ancillary costs for their travel can add up to quite a bit of money. Allowing a select few to travel to the event will keep these costs down and allow you to have a greater ROI.
  • Be Selective: Be very choosy about the tradeshows that you attend. In past years companies would attend great numbers of tradeshows, but these days it is better to choose quality over quantity. Which tradeshows play best to your target audience? Where are you likely to pick up large numbers of customers? Will many of your competitors be there? By being selective, you will have a greater ability to attract customers.

Regardless of what tradeshow(s) you decide to participate in, it is important to put your best foot forward and have an exhibit that showcases what your company does. The Trade Group has over 25 years of experience in helping businesses make the most of their tradeshow experience.

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