What Is Your Strategy For The New Year?

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2011 trade show strategyWhat strategic moves are you planning on implementing in the New Year? Do you have defined goals for your business? What trade shows and expos do you want to be part of this year? The end of the year is a good time to sit and think about what plans you have for your business for the following year. Time goes by quickly, and it is important to have a game plan for 2011. Where do you see your business going in 2011? Some things to consider for the upcoming year that will increase your ROI include:

Knowing what trade shows and expos you want to participate in.
Are you going to leverage social media marketing tactics?
Does your company have a solid curriculum for training the staff?
What types of displays do you plan on using? Are they designed yet?
What concrete goals and milestones are in place for 2011?

These elements are all crucial to the success of your business. Preparing in advance will give you the opportunity to make sure that your staff and clients know where you plan on taking your business and that they are prepared to help you reach those goals. How successful were the trade shows and expos that you participated in during 2010? This will determine what events you want to be part of this upcoming year. If the shows weren’t successful, try another market. If the shows did drive traffic and increase sales, make sure you are signed up to attend those events again. How are you going to market your events?

Social media is a great way to market your events with minimal investment. You can promote upcoming events and tweet messages from your actual event to increase traffic and visibility.

Have you found the design for your trade shows?

With the multitude of design options for your booth, making the decision of what type is the best can be time consuming. Consider reaching out and having a trained professional aid you in designing an exhibit that will convey your message optimally. Is your staff ready for the New Year?

A well-trained staff will increase your bottom line. They should be trained properly and to the specifications you desire. Creating a training program for your staff will make customer service the same among your employees. Your employees should be made aware of the concrete goals and milestones that are in place for 2011.

Create goals and milestones that are reasonable and achievable for your business. The milestones that are achieved should be celebrated, thus providing motivation for your staff to continue doing exceptional work. The New Year should be viewed as a clean slate for your business.

Being prepared for the New Year will make success yours for the taking. Create a solid plan and stick to it. Providing proper training for your staff, having concrete goals and a well-designed booth is a great way to welcome 2011.

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