What Makes Up A Good Trade Show Exhibit Staffer?

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Does your exhibit staff have what it takes for your company’s success?

There are many different elements, tasks and accessories that make up a successful trade show experience for your company―a well formed marketing strategy, a stand-out exhibit display that grabs the attention of attendees, or even an A+ product demonstration that virtually sells itself.

However, while each of these elements can take your trade show experience from good to great, there is one single element of a trade show that can bring even the most attractive, impressive companies and exhibitors burning to the ground―unsuccessful exhibit staffers.

There is no better way to ruin your company’s trade show experience than to have inexperienced, unhappy exhibit staffers talking to attendees and meeting with potential clients. Even if you have state of the art technology, a larger-than-life display, dozens of prizes and giveaways, and impressive products and services, none of these things can distract an attendee from a staffer that simply doesn’t want to be there.

Plus, with all of the valuable time, energy and investments that go into presenting at a trade show, do you really want your staff to be the underwhelming factor of your exhibit? We didn’t think so.

Luckily, we have put together a list of several qualities that make up a successful trade exhibit staffer. Be sure to keep a close on these factors when determining which of your staff is best equipped to represent your brand and your company image.

Exhibit Staffers Should Act Happy To Be There

While we all wish that the economy was better and that we were gaining more qualified leads and sales, there is no point in walking around a trade show convention portraying this negative attitude. If you are not enthusiastic and excited about your business, there is a good chance that attendees won’t be either.

Instead, you should make sure that all of your exhibit staffers are excited to be at the event and are constantly engaging the attendees in a positive way. Plus, by showing potential clients just how much fun you are having and how much you enjoy your work, you will give them a good preview of how easy and fun it is to do business with your company.

Exhibit Staffers Should Be Natural Communicators

Your exhibit staffers should be people who are not only pleasant and energetic, but are also approachable and great communicators. These are the people who are going to be talking to potential leads, therefore you want to ensure that they make a lasting first impression on your prospects and are fully capable of delivering a brief, informative presentation about your goods and services.

Exhibit Staffers Should Know Their Stuff

Above all, you must ensure that each person staffing your exhibit is knowledgeable about your company, understands your marketing strategies, and knows how to qualify prospects and generate leads. These could be technical members of your company, managers or even inside sales representatives who know how to steer a conversation. After all, if your staff doesn’t know about your company’s products and services, how can you expect them to sell them to potential clients?

If you do not have a qualified, dedicated exhibit staff at your trade exhibit, you will miss out on the full potential and ROI of your trade show investment. Therefore, be sure that your exhibit staffers are the living ambassadors of your brand, engaging in face-to-face communication and selling your company on all of its strongest points. This will ensure that your company has a large chance of success at your next trade show.


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