Terrarium Thank You Mailing

TTG sales team sends message of optimism and gratitude with unique customer mailing

TTG sales team sends message of optimism and gratitude with unique customer mailing

After one of the craziest years in recent times, The Trade Group’s VP of Business Development Neeshu Hajra was feeling optimistic about the company’s future and grateful for the many clients he’s collaborated with during his time at TTG. He wanted to find a way to reconnect with clients after a tumultuous year in the live event industry—and do so in a fun and impactful way—but how?

Neeshu gathered the sales team for a brainstorming session. The team wanted to send a memorable gift, including a special message that would resonate with recipients, as we look forward to the future together in a post-pandemic world.

After tossing around several ideas, Neeshu and the team decided to go with an interactive gift that would keep on giving—all the components the recipient would need to create their own living terrarium.

Along with the terrarium, each gift box was filled with individually packaged and labeled items, including: sand, black pebbles, moss rock, moss and an air plant. The design team then created a beautiful step-by-step instruction sheet that explained how to assemble the terrarium and care for the plant.

The instruction sheet also included a special message that tied the gift and the sales team’s optimistic sentiments together: Let’s grow our futures together.

This message was very personal to Neeshu and the team because it reinforces TTG’s long-standing commitment to collaborating with clients as true business partners. For its part, the living plant signifies the renewal and growth TTG looks forward to sharing with clients for years to come.

We can help you reconnect with clients by creating a special mailing just for you

Our team enjoyed creating the terrarium mailing for our customers because we knew it would put a smile on their faces, while allowing us to show our appreciation and say thanks. If you’d like to do something similar for your clients, we’d love to help! To learn more, contact us at 800-343-2005 today.

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