Convention Centers in Canada

Top 10 Convention Centers in Canada

Pack your bags and get ready to discover the epicenters of Canadian trade shows, each venue brimming with unique Canadian charm and top-notch facilities.

Welcome to our northerly exploration of our friends that share a border. This is the “Top Ten Convention Centers in Canada,” where politeness of the Canadian spirit meets trade show functionality!  

Whether you’re planning to exhibit a show, attend an elegant gala, or network at a bustling conference, Canada’s finest venues promise more than just space—they offer unforgettable experiences and, hopefully, brand-changing moments.  

From the splendor of Vancouver’s waterfront to the bustling vibe of Toronto, each Canadian convention center on our list is a gateway to innovation.  

So, pack your bags and get ready to discover the epicenters of Canadian trade shows, each venue brimming with unique Canadian charm and top-notch facilities. 

Let’s dive into the heart of Canada’s trade show scene!  

This is our list of the top ten convention centers in Canada.  

10. Victoria Conference Centre 

Address: 720 Douglas St, Victoria 


Our first Canadian convention center is located in the heart of Victoria, British Columbia. It is known for its striking architecture, which blends modern aesthetics with the little Canadian historical charm of its surroundings. 

With over 73,000 square feet of versatile space, the conference center can accommodate many events, from large international conferences to intimate gatherings.   

The center’s architecture complements Victoria’s historic charm. It features native Douglas fir and abundant natural light. The center itself features a mix of modern and traditional architecture, with spacious, light-filled atriums and locally inspired design elements that reflect the natural beauty and cultural charm of British Columbia. 

9.  Quebec City Convention Centre 

Address: 1000 Bd René-Lévesque E, Québec 


This next Canadian convention center is located in the heart of Quebec City. Quebec City Convention Centre is renowned for its architectural design and perfect location.  

Debuted in 1996, the center blends contemporary aesthetics with practical functionalities, highlighted by its sweeping glass façades and a cascading series of terraces that echo the layered topography of its surroundings.  

Its integration with some of Quebec’s historic landmarks and landscapes sets it apart—the center is just steps away from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Quebec, thus offering a unique backdrop to its events, something few worldly convention centers can brag about.  

8.  Halifax Convention Centre  

Address: 1650 Argyle St, Halifax 


Halifax Convention Centre was officially opened in December 2017. This beautiful facility is over 120,000 square feet and can accommodate up to 2,500 people in its largest ballroom.  

The Halifax Convention Centre is unique because of its stunning design and perfect location. This beautiful building features a striking architectural style that integrates sustainable design elements, including energy-efficient systems and natural light, which reduces its environmental impact and also creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all its patrons.  

Its strategic location offers easy access to local hotels, delicious fine dining experiences, and cultural attractions, such as the historic waterfront and Citadel Hill. 

7. RBC Convention Centre 

Address: 375 York Ave, Winnipeg 


RBC Convention Centre reaches over two city blocks and boasts a significant expansion, which was completed in 2016. It is one of Canada’s largest convention centers.  

This massive facility is unique not only due to its impressive size, which includes a sprawling 260,000 square feet of space but also focuses on its commitment to sustainability and accessibility.  

The center features a green roof, extensive use of natural light, and energy-efficient practices that underscore its commitment to an environmentally conscious convention center. 

6. Edmonton Convention Centre  

Address: 9797 Jasper Ave, Edmonton 


This next Canadian convention center is nestled in the heart of downtown Edmonton. 

Edmonton Convention Centre stands out as a unique convention venue due to its distinctive architectural design. The building itself is carved into the side of the North Saskatchewan River valley, which naturally offers breathtaking panoramic views through its glass façade, which, as you can imagine, blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.  

What also sets this Canadian convention center apart is its terraced architecture, which not only maximizes the scenic vistas we just spoke about but also incorporates an environmentally conscious roof that features local flora and plant life, enhancing biodiversity and reducing the building’s environmental footprint. 

Edmonton Convention Centre is a beautiful treasure right in the middle of Canada. 

5.  Shaw Centre  

Address: 55 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa 


The Shaw Centre is located in the heart of Ottawa. This convention center is celebrated for its distinctive architectural design and next-level facilities, making it a key destination for conventions and trade shows.  

The beauty of this convention center can be seen through its striking glass façade, which offers panoramic views of iconic Canadian landmarks, such as Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal, blending the city’s rich heritage with modern aesthetics.  

The convention center’s design not only maximizes natural light but also creates a visually impressive backdrop for events, making it a favorite among photographers and event planners. The pictures you and your brand could take at this convention center are pretty outstanding. 

4. Calgary Telus Convention Center 

Address: 136 8 Ave SE, Calgary 


This next Canadian convention center on our list stands out due to its strategic integration with the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel and the Hyatt Regency Calgary, providing excellent and effective direct access to luxurious accommodations and additional meeting spaces if need be.  

Calgary Telus Convention Center spans over 122,000 square feet. Inside, the center includes a blend of modern and versatile rooms equipped with the advanced technologies at your fingertips. 

The beautifully designed architecture of this convention center reflects Calgary’s cultural heritage, incorporating elements of local art and design, adding a distinct local flavor to the high-profile events hosted at this convention center. 

3. Palais des congrès de Montréal  

Address: 201 Av. Viger O, Montréal 


This prominent convention center in Montreal, Quebec, stands out for its unique architectural design and strategic urban integration into the city limits. 

One of its most striking features is the colorful glass façade, which not only makes the building more beautiful but also showers its expansive interior in vibrant, natural light. This Canadian architectural gem was designed to facilitate a wide range of events, from large-scale conventions to private meetings. The center’s overall size boasts over 550,000 square feet of usable space, which makes it perfect for any event.  

The center’s location is particularly advantageous, as it is located between the business district and Old Montreal, which is incredibly helpful and provides easy access to various upscale hotels and networking potential restaurants. 

2. Vancouver Convention Center 

Address: 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver  


Vancouver Convention Center is situated on the city’s majestic waterfront. This beautiful center sits on a stunning backdrop of the North Shore Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The views will literally take your breath away.  

One of the most striking features of this convention center is its six-acre living roof, which is the largest in Canada. This massive rooftop is home to more than 400,000 indigenous plants and grasses and also serves as a habitat for bees and birds.  

The center always prioritizes conservation. Its commitment to sustainability and green new practices, combined with its world-class design, which includes vast expanses of glass allowing for natural light and panoramic views, makes it a standout Canadian convention center.  

1. Metro Toronto Convention Center 

Address: 255 Front St W, Toronto 


Taking our number one spot on our top ten convention centers in Canada is the Metro Toronto Convention Center.  

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, this center is known for its strikingly modern design that compliments its urban surroundings of Toronto.  

Its massive exhibit space, which stretches over 600,000 square feet between two buildings, sets the Metro Toronto Convention Center apart. It also features worldly facilities, including technologically advanced meeting rooms and a 1,232-seat theatre. 

Metro Toronto Convention Center’s unique location adds to its appeal; the center is nestled between the entertainment district and the waterfront, which could provide visitors with easy access to both leisure activities and stunning views of Lake Ontario. It’s directly connected to the vibrant entertainment district, offering easy access to top-tier hotels, fine dining for networking, and entertainment options after the trade show.  

There’s a reason why this convention center takes our top spot. 

We hope this brief overview of the top ten Canadian convention centers will give you a basic outline of what to expect if you take your brand to the “Great North.”  

These Canadian convention centers are some of the most beautifully situated centers in the world, but even after their beauty, it is up to you to make your next Canadian trade show experience a productive one.  

Plus, Canadians are incredibly nice. 

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