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28 Outside-the-Booth Tactics to Promote Your Brand at Trade Shows

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A significant portion of a typical event marketing strategy focuses on driving traffic to the company’s trade show booth. Event marketers tirelessly seek out the latest in trade show giveaways and craft creative marketing messages to help raise brand awareness and promote key products and services. While we don’t dispute the importance of driving booth traffic, trade show promotional products and messaging shouldn’t reside exclusively inside your booth space. If you really want to make a huge brand impression at trade shows, think outside of the booth. Unless you’re exhibiting … Read More

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7 Simple Ways to Find Inspiring and Unique Trade Show Display Ideas

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Are you preparing to design a new trade show display or looking for ideas to freshen up an existing exhibit? Fear not! Inspiration can be found from both expected and unexpected sources, you just need to keep an open mind, do a little research and seek out input from trusted resources. Keep in mind, the basic rules of creative design apply to trade show display design, too. Look for modern and unique color combinations, structural finishes (fabric, metal, wood, paper, composite, recyclables, etc.), graphic fonts, audio/sound, tech accessories, interactive components … Read More


7 Social Media Networking Tips for Trade Show Pros and Harried CMOs

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Marketers who exhibit regularly at trade shows and corporate events know that face-to-face meetings offer networking opportunities galore. However, one opportunity you might be under-leveraging in your trade show and broader marketing strategy is networking via social media channels. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, networking is defined as: “The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups or institutions; specifically: the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.”   Aaahhh, yes, the cultivation of productive relationships … but how does a frantically busy event marketer or CMO find … Read More


6 Essential Tips to Help Generate More Leads from Video Content

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Recently, we published a post encouraging marketers to consider expanding the use of video content in their marketing efforts. As promised, we will now share five tips to help you execute an effective video content strategy that generates qualified leads for your business. Tip 1: Change your mindset about video content. As we mentioned in the earlier post, marketers in the past relied on video content more for image and brand building than generating leads. Today, however, more CMOs understand the value of video as a lead generating mechanism. This … Read More


Ho, Ho, Ho! How Event Marketers Can Spread Cheer All Year Long

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It’s the holiday season, that time of year when joy and good tidings fill the air. While this can be a stressful time of year for busy marketers, most will tell you they carve out time and a few extra dollars to spread a little cheer as the year winds down. But why stop now, when you could be spreading cheer all year long? Just about everyone appreciates acts of kindness, generosity and goodwill, whether the intent is to support a charity or show appreciation for top customers and prospects. … Read More