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7 Essential Ingredients Every Trade Show Exhibit Needs

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Have you ever wondered if your trade show exhibit has all the right stuff? Whether you’re kicking off the design process for a brand new exhibit or hoping to enhance an existing display, these trade show essentials should be included in your exhibit design plan. (Links to loads of bonus resources included, too!) 1. Intuitive Design. Experienced exhibit designers will tell you that there’s more to exhibit design than the fusion of structure and the client’s branding. While these two aspects are important, an effective exhibit design will merge the … Read More


3 Surefire Ways to Attract and Engage Millennials at Trade Shows

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Depending on the source, the millennial generation (or Gen Y) was born somewhere between the early 1980s up to (or near) the year 2000. By 2020, millennials will comprise nearly half of the workforce, and that percentage will continue to expand as more millennials enter the workforce and the baby boomer generation retires. If your trade show marketing plan doesn’t include tactics that target millennials, your company could be missing out on valuable leads. In order to market effectively to this group, revamp your strategy so it caters to the … Read More


3 Vital Components of a Digital Pre-Show Marketing Plan

Posted August 6, 2014 | No Comments » |

A successful, pre-show marketing plan is typically composed of many moving parts that work together to attract quality leads before a show, along with a plan to cultivate those leads afterwards. While direct mail can still play an important role in pre-show marketing, print tactics have become more of a supporting player due to the rise of digital marketing. Digital components can be the glue that holds your strategy together. These tools can also improve efficiencies and help trade show and event marketers measure ROI. An effective pre-show marketing strategy … Read More

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Great Marketing Blogs To Follow In 2014

Posted August 1, 2014 | No Comments » |

The world of online marketing offers exhibitors a variety of tools to augment their trade show promotion strategies. Because digital marketing has changed the game for business and continues to influence how brands are advertised in today’s word of increasingly complex communication, keeping up to date about trends is critical to keeping marketing goals agile and actionable. Whether you’re gearing up for pre-event marketing or following up on leads, online marketing is an increasingly indispensible component of every trade show marketing program. Here are some of the best sources for keeping abreast … Read More

Social Media Marketing

9 Tips For Integrating A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Posted July 30, 2014 | No Comments » |

Social media has transformed the relationship between business and consumers. No longer do brand owners control the commercial relationship. The new breed of customer is always on, always connected, is sophisticated and opinionated. A brand in today’s world needs to respond to the needs and expectations of social media consumers. 1. Make your brand a social brand – and keep it that way. Transferring your brand to social channels is an ongoing process. Brand managers should actively monitor the drift of their target audience’s social media activity. This applies especially … Read More