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5 Ways to Make Trade Show Shipping Less Stressful

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From designing the elements of your trade show exhibit to selecting the best floor plan to maximize the flow of your booth, sometimes it can feel like the planning process of producing a showstopping exhibit can feel overwhelming. After you’ve approved design decisions and booked your flight and accommodations, your next task is to get your booth to arrive on time and in one piece at the venue. Here’s the secret to coping with the stress of shipping your trade show exhibit: organization and planning. We have 5 tips and … Read More

4 Ways Double Deck Exhibits Deliver High Impact with Limited Space

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When it comes to designing an effective trade show exhibit, the key is not only to outshine your competition but also to create an experience that attracts attendees and potential clients to interact with you and your products. An exhibit space bursting at the seams with either too many people or too much product might make a booth visitor claustrophobic. Rather than sending your attendees into sensory overload with an abundance of products and information, one way to maximize your limited space is to take your booth to another level … Read More


Q/A with Trade Group VP of Design Mike Graziani

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Q/A with Trade Group VP of Design Mike Graziani (June 2015) Mike Graziani is The Trade Group’s Vice President of Design and has been with TTG since 1997.  He manages one of the most comprehensive design departments and talented creative teams in the trade show industry. Mike oversees all activities of the design department, from graphics and exhibit structure to video and motion graphics, and helps to shape the creative direction of all Trade Group projects. When you first approach a client, what are the first steps taken to get … Read More

WARGAMING Annual Exhibit Design Award Winner

WARGAMING: EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 29th Annual Exhibit Design Award Winner

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The Trade Group (TTG) won EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 29th Annual Exhibit Design Award with its design for Wargaming’s then-new game title “World of Warships” with a Bronze Award in the International Exhibit category. Established in 1986, the Exhibit Design Awards honor the world’s best trade show exhibit designs. To reinforce Wargaming’s brand and the militaristic theme of the exhibit, TTG featured a trio of arching LED rings representing tank treads. Each LED “tank tread” was 5 meters in height and 16 meters in length. As an introduction to the new game … Read More

Pre-Show Social Media

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No matter the industry or the event, social media pre-show marketing is king in 2015. Knowing which channels to use and what content to push out through those specific channels can make or break your quest for exhibiting success. Social media management isn’t as easy as it might seem and requires a substantial amount of strategic planning with more than a little creative thinking. We break down some pointers as you develop your company’s pre-show social media campaign: Generate Quality Content You should know well in advance what your company’s … Read More