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Multimedia Technologies, a Looking Glass into your Brand

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By providing an immersive customer experience, multimedia technology acts both as an icebreaker and a valuable information source for customers. Crafting an experience that includes branded videos, interactive demos and streams of live events not only helps attract target audiences, but gleans meaningful insights into an exhibition’s success. Attract Crowds You only have seconds to make an impression at any given trade show. Strategically crafted visual media creates a competitive advantage by offering an experience that matches customers’ contemporary expectations. Provided the product tailors to a company’s target audience, digital … Read More


Q/A with Trade Group VP of Design Mike Graziani (March 2015)

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Q/A with Trade Group VP of Design Mike Graziani (March 2015) Mike Graziani is The Trade Group’s Vice President of Design and has been with TTG since 1997.  He manages one of the most comprehensive design departments and talented creative teams in the trade show industry. Mike oversees all activities of the design department, from graphics and exhibit structure to video and motion graphics, and helps to shape the creative direction of all Trade Group projects. When you first approach a client, what are the first steps taken to get … Read More


Marketing Spend: Where are exhibitions trending?

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  Make no mistake about it, there’s a clear consensus that trade show exhibitions remain a stalwart force in creating pivotal business to business leads and — ultimately — conversions. Diving into a recent study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), brand marketers profiled in the study (641 organizations participated) revealed their exhibition budget is the largest spend channel within their respective marketing mixes, composing of more than 40 percent of marketing budgets in the years 2013 and 2014. What we can obviously derive from this information is … Read More


Build the Hype: Nailing Your Pre-show Marketing

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Marketing for your marketing? The concept seems as counterintuitive as “cleaning for the maid” or “practicing for the lesson,” but the impact pre-show marketing has on your company’s trade show event success is undeniable. Now, of course, the primary reason for exhibiting at a trade show is to be part of an event largely marketed for you. The trade show has the inherent advantage of guaranteed exposure – to an extent, at least. Still, within the limited period of time you’re on the show floor, you have to deliver your … Read More


Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Successful Event Marketing in the Gaming Industry

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Successful Event Marketing in the Gaming Industry Effectively garnering the attention of a gaming audience at live events is an art. Having a quality product certainly helps, but knowing how to reach your audience in modern event marketing opens windows for your brand to develop a more engaged community. What to note: Capitalize on your community Unlike many other industries, the gaming industry allows for burgeoning, fanatical online communities. If you have a developed community, reach out to them to see what they’re most looking forward … Read More