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6 Tips for Strategically Enhancing Your Brand with Social Media Marketing

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Social media continues to change the way the world does business. Increasingly, brand presence on social media platforms is having a stronger influence on decision-making. Customers expect to communicate with businesses on social media, and they pay attention to what a company says and does on social channels. If your company hasn’t thought strategically about how your brand is represented in the social stratosphere, you’re likely missing out on opportunities. Here’s a look at best practices for strategically enhancing your brand using social media. 1. Keep Your Target Audience Top … Read More

6 Top Tips for Elevating Your Company’s Pinterest Page

6 Top Tips for Elevating Your Company’s Pinterest Page

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According to 2014 report on social media statistics by Digital Insights, social platform Pinterest has cultivated 40 million active users and more than 70 million total users since its launch in 2010. Pinterest can be a great tool for businesses, especially those that market to women (80 percent of users are female and 92 percent of pins are created by women), and it can play an important role in a company’s overall strategic marketing strategy. Another reason Pinterest is a great for marketers is that people who use the platform … Read More


Trade Show Tips: How to Choose Trade Show Giveaways That Give Back

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Promotional items, and product giveaways—let’s be honest, attendees of trade shows and conventions love loading up on free swag. At the same time, exhibitors need to put some thought into the giveaways they choose and the audiences they are hoping to attract to their trade show displays and exhibits. Companies typically don’t spend money on freebies just to be generous; they are looking for some sort of return on their investment. The best trade show giveaways should serve a purpose, such as: Reinforcing the company’s brand. Reminding people about the … Read More


Exhibitor Services: 5 Ways an Exhibit Management Firm Can Lighten Your Load

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Most trade show managers will tell you they have a lot on their plates. From making sure their pre-show marketing plans are executed to ensuring everything (and everybody) makes it to the next event on time. Fortunately, exhibit management firms can help exhibitors tick many items off their trade show checklists. In fact, there are many services exhibit management firms can handle that you might not be aware are available. If you’re looking to lighten your load and simplify the exhibiting process, reach out to your trade show services company … Read More


FIBER: It’s What Great Trade Show Exhibits Have for Breakfast

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Ever wonder why some trade show exhibits draw a crowd and others don’t? High-activity exhibits have “it” – they have FIBER. And an exhibit with FIBER utilizes five essential elements of healthy and productive trade show exhibit design that their low-activity exhibit counterparts lack. These five elements include: Focused messaging. Exhibits with FIBER stay focused. They highlight one or two, simple, marketing messages. Exhibits with too many competing messages can confuse attendees, and leave them unsure about what sets the company apart from its competition (or simply, what they are … Read More