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A 4-Stage Guide to Trade Show Lead Management

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Despite the fact that trade shows represent a resource-intensive channel of marketing, businesses from most industries leverage this option to generate leads and drive growth. Reason: leads from trade shows are highly qualified. Many of the attendees are already interested in the products or services being offered, and therefore, ready to strike a deal. That explains why companies are often willing to invest more in trade shows than other forms of marketing. Achieving success at trade shows, however, requires a strategic approach, paired with an efficient trade show lead management … Read More

Must-Have Tips to Keep Your Booth Staff and Attendees Safe

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If your organization hasn’t prepared an official trade show safety policy, add that task to your to-do list. By planning ahead, you can avoid placing your booth staff and trade show booth visitors at unnecessary risk. Safety issues can arise during travel, at the hotel where you are staying, at or near your booth, in the exhibition venue and during off-site events. Consider including preventive measures and training in your safety plan to keep staff and guests out of harm’s way. Safety Tips for Booth Staff Educating team members about … Read More

9 Terms Every First Time Exhibitor Needs to Know

9 Terms Every First Time Exhibitor Needs to Know

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Has your company tasked you with picking out a new trade show display, but you don’t know where to start? If you consider yourself a trade show novice, it might help to sort out the different names and styles of exhibits available to you. It’s All in a Name Trade show displays and exhibits come in all shapes and sizes … and names. To help you weigh your options, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common styles in the market today. Portable Displays. If you’re looking for … Read More

Boost Booth Traffic

Boost Booth Traffic with These Essential LinkedIn Tips [Guide]

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Social media offers a wide range of cost-effect tools for marketers who use events to promote their companies. More than any other social network, LinkedIn is the most relied on social network in business circles, and for good reason. People join LinkedIn to make business connections and find work, while companies use it to build business relationships, establish thought leadership, market products and services, and of course, source talent. Along with all of these wonderful benefits, LinkedIn is also a great digital tool to help businesses beef up the return … Read More

4 Post Show Strategies You Need to Implement

4 Post Show Strategies You Need to Implement

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Excitement ramps up for trade show marketers in the days and weeks leading up to a big trade show or corporate event. Once the show ends, you can breathe a sigh of relief, then start planning for the next event, right? Not so fast! Successful event marketing programs require a laser-like focus before, during and after an event to reap optimum, long-term ROI. Consider utilizing the following steps to stay relevant to prospects long after your next trade show or corporate event ends. 1. Take a Holistic Approach to Planning … Read More