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Develop a Brand Voice That Echoes in Your Trade Show Environment [Guide]

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Developing and delivering a consistent brand voice is essential to executing a successful marketing plan. From fledgling brands that are just getting off the ground to vintage brands that have transitioned over time – identifying and delivering a consistent brand voice is critical for brands big and small. At The Trade Group, our creative design team works with clients to ensure that the company’s brand voice comes through in the trade show exhibits, custom graphics and marketing materials we create for them. Some clients have a clearly defined voice, while … Read More

Sucessful Trade Show Exhibit Essentials

5 Essentials for Any Successful Trade Show Exhibit

Posted August 28, 2015 | No Comments » |

Have you ever wondered if your trade show exhibit has all the right stuff? Whether you’re kicking off the design process for a brand new exhibit or hoping to enhance an existing display, these trade show essentials should be included in your exhibit design plan. (Links to loads of bonus resources included, too!) Intuitive Design. Experienced exhibit designers will tell you that there’s more to exhibit design than the fusion of structure and the client’s branding. While these two aspects are important, an effective exhibit design will merge the client’s … Read More


5 Valuable Tips to Generate Leads Instantly with Video Content

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Marketers in the past relied on video content more for image and brand building than generating leads. Today, however, more CMOs understand the value of video as a lead generating mechanism. This is especially true for big brands with larger marketing budgets, according to the annual B2B Demand Generation Benchmark report put out by marketing software comparison site, Software Advice. If you’re not using video marketing to generate leads – and who doesn’t want to generate more leads? – then read on. Formulate a solid, goal-driven plan. Kick off this … Read More


CEIR Report: How Exhibitors Measure Trade Show ROI

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On July 27, 2015, The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) revealed the results of a new study that evaluates the outcome of exhibiting and the overall ROI of investing in exhibitions. This report offers helpful insight to exhibition managers and C-level executives alike. It includes data pertaining to how exhibitors evaluate the outcome of exhibiting, the nature of trade show participation, types of metric used and how these practices vary by exhibitor characteristics and objectives for exhibiting. Set Goals and Objectives for Exhibiting When forced to rank the top … Read More


How to Create an Effective Trade Show Follow-Up Plan

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Your event may be over, but the work for your sales staff has only just begun. It’s time to turn your at-show targeted foot traffic into actionable leads for you and your sales staff. Here are four essential tips and tricks to remember as you follow through on the qualified leads you secured on the trade show floor. Continue to Engage with People on Social Media Meaningful conversations continue on social media, well past your event’s end. You’ve used social media to build anticipation and awareness for your booth at … Read More