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How to Make the Most of Following Up on Your Targeted Foot Traffic

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Your event may be over, but the work for your sales staff has only just begun. It’s time to turn your at-show targeted foot traffic into actionable leads for you and your sales staff. Here are four essential tips and tricks to remember as you follow through on the qualified leads you secured on the trade show floor. Continue to Engage with People on Social Media Meaningful conversations continue on social media, well past your event’s end. You’ve used social media to build anticipation and awareness for your booth at … Read More


How to Ensure a Stress-Free Exhibit Installation

Posted July 30, 2015 | No Comments » |

Often when planning for a trade show, we get caught up in the fun stuff: designing the exhibit and creating marketing materials – or the must dos: booking airline tickets and hotel rooms. But often we forget to prepare for the all important day – or days – of exhibit set-up. Here are a few tips to ensure your next exhibit installation goes as well as possible.     Meet All Service Form Deadlines Pay close attention to due dates for completing and submitting your service forms. Most forms also … Read More


How to Increase Targeted Foot Traffic Your Booth: Part II

Posted July 24, 2015 | No Comments » |

Now that you’ve executed your pre-show social media strategy and content leading up to your event, it’s time to use it to provide interesting, engaging real-time updates from your booth. In the first post of this series, we talked about pre-event marketing strategies to target high-level executives, key stakeholders and new business partners to your booth. By using your existing audience on your email list and social media channels, you can build awareness and attract interest for exclusive product release and demonstrations at your booth. The second part of this … Read More


How to Increase Targeted Foot Traffic to Your Booth: Part I

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Now that you’re deep in the design process to build a show-stopping exhibit, it’s time to focus on driving foot traffic to connect with potential clients and business partners face-to-face. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your integrated pre-show email and social media marketing strategy to target your most qualified clients and prospective partners.     Set Realistic and Reasonable Goals for Your Sales Team Goal-setting is an integral factor in achieving success at your next trade show. These goals can be to reach … Read More


How to Motivate Your Booth Staff to Maximize Team Success

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An essential component to your team’s overall success at your next trade show is creating a collective focus. You can have the best looking booth in the room, but without a team of enthusiastic, energetic and motivated sales staff, your show may not be successful. Here are three proven ways that ensure overall team success for you and your booth staff. Set Clear Goals and Expectations for Each Staff Member It’s critical to get everyone on the same page and working toward a common goal if you want your trade … Read More