Modular trade Show Displays

10 Benefits Of Modular Trade Show Displays

The bottom line is that a modular display gives you a custom feel without the steep cost. It ensures you are able to both differentiate yourself from the competition and attract prospects.
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Why Modular Trade Show Displays?

The hype is real. Is that what you want your clients saying about you? If it is, investing in a great-looking display will send a signal to prospects that you are indeed the real-deal. You’re committed. You’re invested. Why do they work? Modular trade show displays balance form and function to create the attention-grabbing presentation you need.

Consider the fact that the global modular display market is currently recorded at USD 5.49 billion in 2019, and is expected to show a CAGR of 13.2% from 2020 to 2027. Contributing to its success are factors including widespread reach across retail outlets, advertising, media, sports and transports. The flexibility of a modular display allows innovative brands to supplement their booth with technology like augmented reality, A.I. and big data for better customer engagement.

So, let’s unpack their features for a deeper understanding.  Here are 10 benefits of Modular Trade Show Displays.

1. Easy to Modify 

If your brand offers a variety of products and services, the modular trade show displays can showcase a wide range of your business. If you attend multiple shows a year and occupy different spaces, you can easily modify your display at regular intervals to give the audience a plethora of relevant information.

Modification is successful and made easy due to the components that comprise the modular trade show display, such as the lightweight material of the tables and shelves. The skin of the walls themselves can display the brand logo, tagline, images, and graphics to attract high-quality leads. 

2. Cost-Effective 

Modular display trade booths are highly efficient for brands that are cost-conscious regarding their sales and promotion. These displays afford the exhibitor to have a performance-enhancing look while remaining budget friendly.

The modular exhibit booths are scalable, too. With the expansion of business, when new products and attributes are showcased, the exhibitor can expand the modular framework while retaining the core structure. As a result, modular trade displays are cost-effective yet highly impactful presentations for any trade or exhibition.  

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3. Portability 

Due to the lightweight material of the modular display trade booths, shipping costs remain relatively low. Unlike traditional display booths, which are heavy and require extra money and effort to move, modular displays are more efficient to pack, store, and transport. This portability is desirable–especially if you are rushing to make it to a tradeshow or travel to multiple shows a year.

4. Durability 

We’ve already mentioned the usefulness of modular trade show displays with regards to getting multiple uses from them; part of that is not just because of their ability to be packed efficiently and shipped, it’s also because of their durability. The fact they are highly durable and break-free when transported with care, enables them to last for multiple installations and dismantling. The material used for making these units are fiberglass, aluminum, or even fabric material like nylon and polyester, which means overall spending on modular display exhibits is a long-term investment.  

Modular Exhibits
Zoppas Industries at AHR Expo 2019.

5. Versatility 

If you are in a business that demands frequent traveling to various trade shows, the best option is by far a modular trade show display. The versatility of modular displays is unparalleled. They are easy to customize into any size and shape by making simple changes. As a result, it saves a lot of time, money, and effort. 

6. Universality 

Though the modular trade show displays market is soaring, this does not negatively impact their ability to set your business apart from the rest. The reason is because of their universality. Meaning, irrespective of the type of product or service your business deals in, you have tremendous leverage from modular displays to exhibit your product or service and craft a compelling message. The best part is that even a small-scale startup firm can afford it.

Trade Show Displays
Deprag at WESTEC in 2019.

7. Efficient Space Utilization 

The size of the space you have reserved at trade shows can greatly impact and even limit your exhibit design. However, unlike traditional displays, modular trade show displays take up less space but exhibit the same amount of information, if not more. Therefore, you can avoid clutter and keep the ambiance welcoming for the visitors.

The modern and sleek walls of the modular exhibit booths can widen the floor area. When strategically placed, the visitors find it a comfortable place to visit while learning about your products and services.  

8. Eye-Catching 

Up to this point, we’ve been discussing modular trade show displays in terms of their utility. And while they are cost-effective, durable, and easy to modify, they can also provide a stylish edge to your booth. This is accomplished by leveraging the structure of the modular display to get the most from brand colors and graphics. The result is a highly personal touch to the display.

The exhibitor gains that ‘wow’ factor to their stand when the utility of the modular display is balanced with their unique company brand.

Modular Trade Show Booths
United Technologies at NSBE 2018.

9. Reusable 

While the reusability of the modular trade show displays has already been mentioned in passing, it’s worth highlighting this fact. For one thing, they are reusable in the sense of being able to assemble in various forms, from a small size workstation to a large size display zone. Secondly, they are reusable for the same thing again and again. Expand them or compress them as per the audience size, space available, and need.

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10. Good Return on Investment 

Considering the top 9 benefits of modular trade show displays, we can firmly conclude these displays provide a good ROI. They are reusable, require fewer transportation efforts, and are effective in small spaces. All this ensures that the money spent on this modular exhibit booth is a healthy one-time investment. 

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Final Thoughts Modular Trade Show Displays

Modular trade show displays are gaining popularity within the event exhibit world. These lightweight, versatile, and economical displays have so much to benefit exhibitors. If you’re in need for your upcoming big trade show, check out our latest Compatto Kits here. Our attention-grabbing trade show displays is the number one choice for any business looking to create an unforgettable experience.

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