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Why a 10x10 Booth?

Island booths, or 10x10s, offer tremendous benefits to companies seeking a powerful presence at a business event. Here are three reasons why a 10x10 booth space is the best spot at any given exhibit hall at a trade show.

Island booth spaces give you 360 degrees of visibility

Not having to border two other exhibits and a backdrop has significant benefits when it comes to attendees finding your company on the show floor.

10x10 booths have fewer regulations, giving you greater design freedom

You don't have to worry about show management moving your banner stands or tall counters for blocking neighboring exhibits. It’s at this level that a hanging sign starts making sense.

Your clients can engage with the personality of your business

In a 10x10 the sole attraction is the booth staff. But a bigger booth gives prospects confidence that you're an authority in your industry. They get to see your brand express itself.

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10 x 10 Exhibit manufacturer

When is it time to purchase a 10x10 Booth?

Purchasing a 10x10 booth is a terrific way to save money in the long term and get the most from your return on investment. If you attend a lot of shows throughout the year, picking a modular 10x10 exhibit that can expand and contract to fit various booth spaces is essential.

When is it time to Rent a 10x10 Exhibit?

Renting a 10x10 booth is like hitting the easy button. It is affordable in the short term, gives you design flexibility to bring something new every year, and gives you time to focus on things that matter most: return on investment, objective, and meeting the salespeople's needs.

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Stratos 10x10 Exhibit

Stratos 10x10 Exhibit


PURCHASE $2,600 - $4,000

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Benchmark 10x10 Exhibit

Benchmark 10x10 Exhibit


PURCHASE $3,700 - $4,300

In Stock Get More Details
Soltanto 10x10 Exhibit

Soltanto 10x10 Exhibit


PURCHASE $3,700 - $6,300

In Stock Get More Details
Luna 10x10 Exhibit

Luna 10x10 Exhibit


PURCHASE $4,600 - $5,000

In Stock Get More Details
Stratos EZ Brite 10x10 Exhibit

Stratos EZ Brite 10x10 Exhibit


PURCHASE $7,000 - $8,200

In Stock Get More Details
Metalli Compatto 10x10 Exhibit

Metalli / Compatto 10x10 Exhibit


PURCHASE $12,000 - $16,000

In Stock Get More Details
Soltanto 10x10 Exhibit

Custom 10x10 Exhibit


PURCHASE $14,000 - $30,000

In Stock Get More Details
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10x10 Exhibit designed by The Trade Group

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10x10 Booth designed by The Trade Group

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10x10 Exhibit award wining design

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10x10 Booth award wining design

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10x10 Booth Manufacturer

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10x10 Booth Manufacturer

Frequently Asked Questions about 10x10 Booths


How much does a 10x10 Exhibit cost?

The costs of 10x10 booths vary widely depending on whether you decide to go with a modular, hybrid custom or fully custom. For example, modulars may have lower shipping costs due to their lightweight materials but higher labor costs because of the number of parts to put together. The reverse is often true for custom booths.


Do you outsource the construction of the 10x10 exhibit?

The Trade Group employs its own designers and fabricators. We build most projects in our warehouse with our own wood, metal and graphic workshops. This gives you greater control over the entire ideation process.


What is the process for purchasing a 10x10 booth?

First, we listen to your goals and objectives and discover solutions that will support your task. Then we start the design process which includes reviews and refining. Once terms are agreed upon in these stages, we build and implement the booth at your show.


How long does a typical 10x10 exhibit last?

Given proper care, a good exhibit can last for several years with small parts needing replacement here and there such as silicone-edge graphics (SEGs) or panels.


Where do I store the exhibit after the trade show?

The Trade Group offers storage services at our 350,000 square foot warehouse in Grapevine, TX. Additionally, our Event Management Program can handle any and all logistical concerns from shipping to I&D.


Why should I choose The Trade Group over other exhibit houses?

If you’re looking for an award-winning, one-stop shop for all your trade show needs, contact us. For more than 30 years, we have helped organizations like yours improve ROI at events and can provide strategic support and insight every step of the way. Our team is available to guide you or lend a helping hand for trade show needs big and small.

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