How It's Made

How It’s Made: Foam Cut Out of Animated Character

Catch a peek inside our fabrication shop as Darryl Stinson, our industrial painter, shows the step-by-step process of bringing Pixel to life.

Please meet our good friend, Pixel. 

Isn’t he adorable?  

Pixel is an animated character that brings smiles to kids’ faces at Cedars-Sinai Guerin Children’s Hospital. 

Cedars-Sinai wanted to communicate their compassion for children at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference in Washington, D.C., by bringing one of their hospital characters to the show. 

Catch a peek inside our fabrication shop as Darryl Stinson, our industrial painter, shows the step-by-step process of bringing Pixel to life.  

The Bondo Artisan

Pixel started as a foam mixture that was poured into a mold. After removing him from the mold, Darryl prepares to sand the structure and apply Bondo to cover up holes and imperfections.  

Sanding with Precision

Precision is Darryl’s middle name. The way he layers and sands down Pixel is nothing short of art. This kind of attention to detail is applied to every custom project.  

Bondo, Bondo, Bondo

After sanding with a sander and by hand, Darryl fills in air bubbles with Bondo and repeats the process.  

Preparing for a Colorful Future

Darryl walks through one last time, applying Bondo for any bubbles he may have missed. The next step is painting! 

The Joy of Painting

Watch as Darryl makes the final touches and takes Pixel into the paint shop to prepare him for the big reveal.  

Booth Reveal

The big reveal is more than just showing off a finished product. It’s a celebration of the hard work and passion that went into creating something truly special for Cedars Sinai. 

Why Put Effort into Trade Show Booths?

Companies invest heavily in bringing creative ideas to life to share their brand’s aspirations and capture buyers’ attention.   

Buyers want certainty that their partners can uphold their promises. It may seem unrelated at first glance, but a well-designed booth, like a well-designed website, conveys to buyers that a brand can fulfill its promise—whether the company promises its web services will bring in more leads or will provide and deliver quality parts on time and intact.   

As Vice Chairman of Ogilvy, Rory Sutherland, remarks in his book Alchemy, “A flower is a weed with a marketing budget.” Beautiful flowers spend large amounts of energy to produce beautiful petals and enchanting fragrances to attract bees who will spread their seeds in exchange for pollen.  

We help companies find attractive ideas and then bring those ideas to life.  

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the world of The Trade Group, where every nail, brushstroke, and weld is a testament to the skill and dedication of their team. It’s places like this where the real magic of exhibit design happens, crafted by the hands of those who are passionate about their art.

Have a special project you want to see come to life?

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