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Top 10 Renewable Energy Trade Shows [Updated for 2024]

Renewable Energy Trade Shows have become the comic con for the eco-conscious industry, where the sun is always shining, at least metaphorically, on the trade show floor.

One of our favorite aspects of this eco-friendly-centric event is attendees get to leave with their swag bags stuffed with LED samples and a renewed sense of hope because if there’s one thing Renewable Energy Trade Shows generate more efficiently than eco-friendly power, it is optimism. 

Today, we will dive deep into the top ten arenas of optimism, otherwise known as the Top 10 Renewable Energy Trade Shows. 

10. Clean Power 

When: May 6 – 9 2024 

Where: Minneapolis, MN 

Clean power dawns the Minneapolis Convention Center for another expansive lesson on everything renewable energy in 2024.  

This premier clean energy trade show has all the bells and whistles for all utility-scale renewable companies in the Western Hemisphere. This is one of the primetime business development events for everything Eco-friendly.  

This event allows clean energy professionals and companies to connect under one green roof.  

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Registration link:

9. Offshore Windpower Conference & Exhibition  

When: October 28 – 30 2024 

Where: Atlantic City, NJ 

This eco-friendly event is purely dedicated to connecting top eco-centric developers, high-powered government officials, and key environmental stakeholders, all working for one common goal.  

That goal is to achieve the full promise and power of offshore wind power.  

Their objective is based on saving the wind power industry from the financial climate that we are currently experiencing, from the supply chain disruptions that plagued this country for a few months to the continued rise of inflation.  

This educational, eco-friendly trade show has evolved into one of the most successful gatherings for the wind power industry. You don’t want to miss it! 

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8. IPF  

When: April 22 – April 25, 2024 

Where: New Orleans, LA 

IPF, otherwise known as the International Partnering Forum, This massive trade show is organized by the Oceanic Network, previously known as the Business Network for Offshore Wind. 

IPF stands as the pinnacle of global leaders and eco-friendly businesses, all with one common objective: to provide unmatched networking chances and to learn about the latest trends in wind power.  

We encourage you to head down to the Big Easy to be a part of the future of Offshore Wind production.  

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7. The Energy Expo  

When: August 21 – 22, 2024 

Where: Miami, FL  

The 6th edition of the incredibly popular expo event will occur in beautiful Miami. This conference prides itself on being the only eco-centric trade show and conference in the Western hemisphere that serves the USA, Latin America, and Caribbean markets.  

That’s comprised of more than 45 different countries.  

The main objective of this conference is to connect manufacturers and distributors with buyers, industry professionals, installers, and potential reps from the wide range of served markets we just listed.  

If you want to experience various outlooks on an emerging industry, head down to South Beach.  

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6. Alternative Clean Transportation- ACT Expo  

When: May 20 – 23, 2024 

Where: Las Vegas, NV 

This important conference happens in the city of Expo and Trade Show, Las Vegas.  

The Alternative Clean Transportation Expo is centrally focused on shaping commercial transportation’s future through an eco-friendly approach. Specifically, the 2024 agenda focuses on the new advancements of deploying fleets of zero-emission vehicles.  

They’ll dive deep into the different aspects of clean transportation, from the lucrative financial incentives to federal, state, and local agency commitments and many more important topics to be discussed. 

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5. Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo  

When: June 10 – 12, 2024  

Where: Minneapolis, MN 

Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo is the world’s largest and longest-running Ethanol conference. This massive and popular conference dives deep into the world of alternative fuel, with ethanol being the biggest aspect of the game.  

During your time at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo, you’ll experience timely presentations with a strong focus on commercial-scale ethanol production, from the quality control of the product to regulatory compliance and fiscal management.  

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4. HydroVision International- Clean Energy  

When: July 15 – 18, 2024  

Where: Denver, CO  

We finally get introduced to another form of renewable energy. That form is Hydropower.  

Hydropower is the use of water as your main source of energy. The main focus of this event is to showcase to the world that Hydropower isn’t just about the process of using water to generate power but also about the communities powered by clean energy, advanced engineering, and environmentally-focused techniques to protect the planet.  

We highly suggest going to Denver to celebrate the 30th anniversary of HydroVision.  

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3. Offshore Technology Conference 

When: May 6 – 9, 2024 

Where: Houston, TX 

Offshore Technology Conference is a meeting place for the best and brightest minds in the world to share ideas, converse in debate, and build a productive future while finding solutions for the pressing challenges and innovations in the offshore energy sector.  

Having this conference take place in Houston will expose the country’s energy capital to the advancements in renewable energy.  

This conference is perfect for any eco-friendly practices to be highlighted and networking in an event space that breeds success in that all-mighty aspect of renewable energy conferences.  

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2. Intersolar 

When: February 25 – 27, 2025 

Where: San Diego, CA 

Unfortunately, we missed the 2024 version of this epic conference, but we felt the need to place it on this list because of how important this conference truly has become.  

Intersolar highlights the latest energy technologies, services, and companies yearning to create a positive impact on climate change and push to transition fully into more sustainable energy in the future.  

By attending this event, you’ll get in-depth technical and environmental training and education from the best in the game. At this event, you’ll also experience some of the solar industry’s best practices for design, installation, and even electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  

Intersolar is a learning experience for everyone involved.  

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1. RE + 

When: September 9 – 12, 2024 

Where: Anaheim, CA 

Taking our number one spot on our Top 10 Renewable Energy trade show list is RE + 

To put it simply, this is the largest and most comprehensive event in North America for the clean energy industry. This event simply caters to uniting an extensive alliance of renewable energy leaders for a multiple-day networking conference and spirited workshops.  

The conference produces an unparalleled educational experience for all industry experts from solar, energy storage, hydrogen, microgrids, etc. 

Come celebrate RE + 20th anniversary and experience the top-rated renewable energy trade show.  

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The significance of renewable energy trade shows will undoubtedly continue to grow at an incredible rate, reflecting the increasing global commitment and pledge to combating climate change and hopefully promoting a cleaner, greener planet for future generations. 

It’s time for you to make your mark in this ever-growing industry. We hope this top ten list will be a guide for you to venture into a green new world. 

For more insights and award-winning event strategies, contact our team of event specialists to design the perfect exhibit to amplify your brand. Connect with a team member here or give us a call at 972-734-8585. 

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