Trade Shows in London in 2024

Top 10 Trade Shows in London in 2024

London, throughout its rich history, finds itself becoming one of the most advanced cities in the world, and it still holds that title proudly today.

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London’s trade shows are vibrant and have diverse events that showcase various industries and interests. They often occur in large, well-known venues like the ExCeL London or Olympia London, attracting thousands of eager visitors and brand builders from around the world. 

London’s trade shows cater to a broad spectrum of fields, from world-famous fashion and new-age technology to food and crafts. 

Here are the top ten trade shows in London in 2024.  

10. Futurebuild 

When: March 5 – March 7  

Where: ExCeL London  

The Futurebuild Expo is a prominent event that explores the latest construction and built environment innovations.  

Futurebuild is aimed at architects, builders, contractors, and professionals in the industry. The expo features many exhibitors demonstrating cutting-edge materials, energy-efficient building solutions, and smart home technologies that’ll blow your mind.  

This event is recognized for its focus on advancing environmental sustainability in the built environment. It is a key event for professionals seeking to stay abreast of industry trends and innovations. 

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9. The Meetings Show 

When: June 19 – June 20 

Where: ExCeL London 

The Meetings Show is the United Kingdom’s leading expo for all things meetings and events.  

It serves as a hub where professionals from various “event” sectors such as event planners, organizers, and suppliers- converge to network, engage in business, and stay updated with the industry.  

The Meetings Show features mostly exhibitors that showcase destinations, technology providers, hotels, and service suppliers, thus offering a comprehensive view of the event planning industry. You can also expect educational programs with expert-led sessions and industry-forward workshops. 

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8. ICE London 

When: February 6 – February 8 

Where: ExCeL London 

ICE London, known as the International Casino Exhibition, is a popular expo event that brings together professionals from the international gaming industry. This includes Casino games, Esports, Poker, and even Sports betting.  

ICE London is known for its extensive exhibition floor, featuring a wide variety of products within the gaming industry, and its comprehensive program of seminars and workshops, which addresses the current trends and future directions in the gaming sector.  

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7. Oceanology International 

When: March 12 – March 14 

Where: ExCeL London 

Oceanology International is a global event in marine science and ocean technology. However, it’s not just any marine-centric event; it is the world’s leading marine science and ocean technology event. 

This event is a vital collaborative forum for the ocean industry, including academia, government bodies, and engineers.  

The main goal of this trade show is to emphasize advancements that promote a smarter and more sustainable ocean for all.  

Oceanology International is dedicated to devising better strategies for sustainable operation in marine environments. Thus, this event is crucial in addressing current and future oceanography and marine technology challenges. 

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6. International Food And Drink Event 

When: March 25 – March 27 

Where: ExCeL London  

This biennial event is known as one of the United Kingdom’s largest food and drink trade shows. International Food and Drink event showcases innovative food and beverage products worldwide. 

Offering 40 years of networking opportunities for all industry professionals. This event features industry insights through talks and demonstrations, allowing trade showgoers to educate themselves on food, drinks, and packaging.  

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5. The London Book Fair 

When: March 12 – March 14 

Where: Olympia London  

The prestigious London Book Fair is a business-to-business expo event where publishers, literary agents, authors, librarians, and others involved in the book industry come together to hopefully network, negotiate rights, talk about book distribution, and discover the latest trends in publishing.  

The fair features a diverse spread of literature forward stands from different countries and genres, showcasing a wide range of books like educational textbooks, fiction, non-fiction, and beloved children’s books.  

This should go without saying due to London’s immense literature history, but the London Book Fair serves as a vital platform for the international book community. 

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4. Natural and Organic Products Europe  

When: April 14 – April 15 

Where: ExCeL London 

Dubbed as the United Kingdom’s longest-established health and living event. 

This London event showcases a wide range of natural and organic products. It is considered one of the most important events for businesses in the natural and organic products industry in the world.  

This organic-centric expo event typically features a wide array of products, including food, health supplements, beauty care items, and eco-living products. 

In fact, specifically, this trade show spans various sectors of the industry, from health foods to personal care and clean beauty, thus making it the trendsetter in the natural and organic industry. 

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3. London International Wine and Spirits Fair 

When: May 20 – May 22 

Where: Olympia London 

This prestigious fair attracts exhibitors from around the world, showcasing a wide range of wines, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages. 

The truth is the London International Wine and Spirits Fair is the United Kingdom’s biggest live and digital drinks trade event, with over 10,000 drinks professionals attending last year alone.  

The fair features tastings, industry masterclasses, and seminars led by wine and spirit experts, providing valuable insights into the latest developments in viticulture, production techniques, and market dynamics. 

The London International Wine and Spirits Fair is highly regarded for its impact on the wine and spirits market, influencing purchasing decisions and setting trends in the industry. 

Registration link: London Wine Fair – Connecting the Drinks Trade 

2. Hotel, Restaurant and Catering; HRC 

When: March 25 – March 27  

Where: ExCeL London  

This expo event is renowned for being at the forefront of British hospitality innovation, attracting thousands of businesses and trade showgoers. It offers an excellent platform for professionals in the industry to test, taste, and source the latest products available in the market. 

This hospitality event is divided into four key industry sectors. These sectors are Food Service, Hospitality Tech, Professional Kitchen, and Design and Decor.  

This allows industry professionals to either float around other aspects of the industry outside of their principle or be more direct with their trade show approach by going to their “industry section.” 

We highly suggest this show for any hospitality professionals looking to expand their network and knowledge in an important industry. 

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1. Infosecurity Europe 

When: June 4 – June 6 

Where: ExCeL London 

Infosecurity Europe is the biggest information security event in Europe and amongst the most important in the entire world.  

This event brings a whopping 3,234 Exhibitors to London and scatters them throughout the expo floor. This event is essential for keeping up to date with the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape and for building connections within the industry. This event includes a comprehensive program that showcases keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and interactive experiences.  

This offers unrivaled insights into the latest trends, threats, and technologies in information security.  

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London continues to showcase how it’s one of the most expansive trade show-centric cities in the world. These enormous expo centers host some of the biggest and brightest brand-building events with the undeniable result of success around the corner for everyone that makes their London experience a special one. 

London will continue to be the epicenter of advancement in a wide range of industries, from cyber security to hospitality. Steeped with history, this small island off the coast of Europe could be your key to new horizons. 

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