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Top Convention Centers in Germany [Updated for 2024]

In addition to its rich history, Germany also has some of the best convention centers in the world, and today, we will explore some of them.

Germany is a land where efficiency and tradition blend like a well-brewed cup of black coffee. A country that is truly a marvel of contrasts and delights. Sometimes, both go hand in hand.  

Picture this contrast of wandering through the Bohemian streets of Berlin, where art and history play tag between the isolationism of the Berlin Wall; now, those streets are a beautiful European canvas for some of the world’s most prestigious incredible street art the world has ever seen.  

As you travel around the country, you venture into the heart of Bavaria, where traditional Lederhosen isn’t just a fashion statement but a proud nod to centuries-old European traditions, especially during the joy-filled Oktoberfest, where the beer flows like the Rhine river and laughter fills the Germanic air.  

In addition to its rich history, Germany also has some of the best convention centers in the world, and today, we will explore some of them. 

Messe München  

Address: AM Messesee 2, 81829 München, Germany 


The first German convention center on this list is located in the historic European city of München. This convention center has an impressive 200,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space and an additional 414,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition space. This gives exhibitors a highly versatile space for any large trade show or expo event.  

This venue is known for hosting global events such as Bauma, BAY, IFAT, and Electronica, which are among the largest events in their respected industries worldwide.  

One of the more interesting facts about the history of this convention center is that during the 1972 Summer World Olympics, the center held some events such as Weightlifting, Judo, and Wrestling.  

Düsseldorf Messe 

Address: Stockrumer Kirchstabe 61, 40474  

Düsseldorf , Germany 


This Düsseldorf convention center hosts over 50 trade shows, including 23 global trade shows in various fields, such as machinery, medical devices, fashion, and more. 

The grounds cover a huge area of 306,000 square meters. The convention center includes 19 halls and offers a highly flexible layout accommodating many different events.  

Not only is this convention center versatile, but the overall design of this arena is stunning. Famous German architect Oswald Mathias Ungers designed some of the convention halls. This same architect designed buildings like the world-famous Museum of Contemporary Art in Hamburg.  

As stated previously, Düsseldorf Messe produces some incredible global events, one of them being “Drupa.” Drupa is the largest printing equipment trade show in the world. Another huge event at this convention center is “K,” the world’s premier trade show for plastics and rubber.  

Accessibility is another added bonus to this convention center, just a short drive from both the city center and the airport with the ability to access its own railway station. Messe Düsseldorf Station makes it fairly accessible for international visitors.  

Beyond the trade show, this venue also supports arts and cultural events. Düsseldorf Messe often serves as a venue for concerts, sporting events, and large-scale private gatherings.  


Messepl. 1, 50679 Koln, Germany  


Koelnmesse is one of the world’s oldest and largest trade show companies, with a history dating back over 90 years.  

This massive complex includes the impressive L-shaped “Koelmesse Hall 1”, which has been given the distinguished title of one of Europe’s largest exhibition halls. This architectural feat provides ample space for any major event, demonstrating the true scale at which Koelnmesse operates.  

Outside of hosting trade shows, this convention center plays a central role in the culture of Germany. Koelmesse hosts Cologne’s famous “Karneval,” known as the “fifth season.” This event is filled with pageantry from German-inspired costumes, parades, and even German cultural celebrations.  

One of the exciting developments of this convention center is that it is currently going through a transformation. They fully expect to be CO2-free in heating by 2028. Their undeniable need to become a “Green Convention Center” is prominent and one of the main focuses of the center itself.  

We fully expect this convention center to continue to evolve.  

Messe Frankfurt  

Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 am Main, Germany 


Messe Frankfurt has been a major center for trade for over 800 years.  

Yes, you read that correctly. 

Messe Frankfurt has been a center for trade since the Middle Ages, when it served as a key marketplace in Europe. In fact, the first documented Frankfurt trade show dates back to 1150.  

Today, it is one of the world’s largest trade show and event organizers. Messe Frankfurt hosts hundreds of events annually, which draw millions of visitors from around the globe.  

One of the many perks of this convention center is its innovative services. Beyond the trade show floor, Messe Frankfurt offers various services, from logistics to stand construction, marketing, and even food services. This makes it a full-service venue and makes your life easier as an exhibitor.  

Unfortunately, like Germany’s dark and checkered history, Messe Frankfurt does not go unscathed. Its development has been influenced by major historical events. One was the Second World War. The exhibition grounds were severely damaged during the tail end of the war, and the center was converted into a temporary prison for Jewish citizens while the Allies stormed through Germany.  

Post-war, Messe Frankfurt was quickly rebuilt and re-established as a major International trading hub. The convention center’s first post-war fair in 1948 was a turning point. Signaling the rebirth of the trade show industry in Frankfurt.  

This convention center has a checkered past, but there’s no denying its cultural significance in Europe.  

Hannover Messe 

Karlsrusher Str. 4, 30880 Laatzen, Germany 


The Hannover Messe is the largest convention center in the world, with a surface area of 554,000 square meters—four hundred ninety-six thousand square meters indoors and an additional 58,000 square meters outdoors.  

This convention center was built over 70 years ago after the Second World War as part of an effort to revitalize the economic landscape of a new Germany.  

Through the years, Hannover Messe has gone from a simple trade exhibition to a significant leader in trade shows.  

The convention center typically attracts exhibitors from around 70 countries and visitors from 150 countries. This has really cemented its role in the global market by making it a leader in innovation.  

One of the markets, Hannover Messe, is known for being at the forefront of its industrial innovation. This includes robotics, digital automation, and even the energy sector. This convention center is a primary platform for the introduction of new and exciting technologies, such as advanced artificial intelligence applications. 

Though this convention center has a fruitful history and has undergone evolutions of change, it has become a force on the new global stage.  

We hope this brief outline of Germany’s biggest and best convention centers will inspire you to try the waters at your next German trade show. 

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